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Hardware Repair Services

Hardware Repair Services in Downtown Miami 123PCSolutions offers affordable, quality computer hardware repair services that will have your Mac or PC looking and running like new again! The reality is computer and laptop parts will fail, but 123PCSolutions technicians are here to ensure your data is safe and your system is running as fast as possible. Computer maintenance services are essential to keeping your device running in tip-top shape. Luckily, 123PCSolutions can get your computer running properly and help you to keep it that way. From desktop ... Read more

Repair Broken Hinges of a Laptop Screen

Broken Hinges- Imagine that - a beautiful day, you are sitting comfortably on the couch, you are opening the laptop lid and one of the hinges cracks... What a disaster you think, you have to pay the outrageous cost for repair in the laptop service shop... Buuut there is a quick fix for the problem, all you need is a screwdriver and 1 hour of your time. :) Dissasemble the laptop. Locate the broken insert for the metal bushing which holds the hinge ... Read more

How to recover files after OS crashed

In this guide I explain how to recover files from a laptop (or desktop PC) with crashed, failed, damaged operating system. WHEN CAN YOU USE THIS RECOVERY GUIDE? 1. The guide will work if the OS is damaged but the computer hardware still works fine. 2. The guide might work if the hard drive has some minor damage, like a few bad sectors. PREPARING FOR RECOVERY For this recovery I’ll be using a Ubuntu CD (Linux OS). Also, you can create a bootable Ubuntu USB flash ... Read more

Heatsink -Why laptop turns off or freezes?

Any laptop has a cooling module which includes two parts: the heat sink and cooling fan. When it works, the processor (CPU) heats up and the heat sing heats up too. At some temperature level, the fan kicks in and cools down the heatsink. The problem starts when the cooling module collects too much dust inside. The dust kills normal airflow inside the cooling module. Eventually, the processor overheats and the laptop turns off unexpectedly or freezes. This problem can be fixed by ... Read more

How to reinstall factory OS

OS - WARNING! Running system restore utility will erase all personal data on the hard drive and re-image it back to factory defaults. Make sure all personal data is backed up before reinstalling the OS. Also, make sure the laptop is running on AC power during the process. These days most computers are sold without recovery discs. Instead they have a hidden (or visible) recovery partition with the factory image. In order to re-image the hard drive back to defaults it’s necessary to ... Read more
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