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HP Computer Repair

Let 123 PC Solutions fix your HP Computer!

Is your computer broken or slow?

HP Computer Repair – Don’t worry – if you’re experiencing a problem with your HP computer, call us. We’re the experts on HP PCs and Tablets and we’re ready to help. Reach a HP-trained expert by calling us or requesting a free quote.

Easy as 1-2-3:

1. Let’s figure out what might be wrong. Call us at 7865646425 or
Click to Request  or call us at 7865646425
Not sure if you have warranty coverage? We can determine your coverage over the phone or through chat.
2. We explain your repair options.
Return for repair HP Computer Repair can repair nearly every type of hardware issue. Some of the most common repairs we fix are:

Hard Drives Batteries
Solid State Drives Memory
Motherboards Graphics Cards
LCD Screens Processors
How it works:
Prices include the repair or replacement of the part, any labor, and all shipping. You send it to us with a label we provide, we repair your system and then ship it back to you. It’s that easy.
Click to Request  or call us at 7865646425
3. Let’s fix your device.
We’re the experts on HP systems. You can be confident that your repairs are being resolved by our experts. No system issue is too complex. We offer:
Competitive pricing
HP trained technicians
HP genuine parts available
Onsite or mail-in available
Click to Request or call us at 7865646425

HP Computer Repair – Is your computer running slow? Do you find yourself in need of a computer technician in your Miami, Aventura, Pembroke Pines, or Hollywood area? If so, you may wish to make use of our onsite service company as this makes the reparations easier for you. You do not have to worry about unplugging your system to haul into a shop. No matter what you need in terms of IT support, a company like ours can help. You don’t have to worry about being charged by the hour and our company comes highly rated by others. Have your computer fixed at your home or office. We are even experts in removing viruses which is a problem that many people have.

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