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Computer Tips

Very important steps for beginners

To start a computer repair shop or repair the computer itself, you will need several things for this fight and not to give a quick and accurate diagnosis, without guessing. Here I share some tips to repair any computers.
1 Keep spares on hand: It is important to power supplies, video cards and memory ram, etc to test equipment. If you have questions about the performance of the piece remove it and tried another.

. 2 Have linux live cd or another: the live cd are very useful to repair the fallen operating systems because they allow us to explore the contents of the hard disk. also allow us to make backups as almost all burners bring the linux programs. The latest versions allow to run from a USB memory.

3. Having a backup computer, it is important to have a computer to do the rescues data. for example, a Pentium 2 or 3 that have barracuda. they placed the hard drive as a slave and data is backed this can take from minutes to hours depending on the size of the backup.



4. Having a wood table or if a metal cover of “Antistatic” rubber. therefore need to have a work area where we can disassemble computers and parts. and is safe.


5. Use an electrostatic wrist: these bracelets prevent static electricity affect our computer components. We also have to avoid touching with fingers the electronics. For our sweat and body fat the Mess.



6. Having Internet: usually people do not care for the original cd of drivers from their computers. and touches us tiresome task of searching the net. So it must have own Internet.

7. Still older computers do not allow booting from CD or USB Floppy drive just for handled. There is a free program that allows us to boot from the CD or USB drive. This program is written to a diskette and inserted into the Floppy and from there shows us a menu to choose where we want to boot.
the utility is called Plop Boot Manager.




8. A vacuum: many PC are quite dusty and need cleaning them thoroughly. a small brush is helpful but does not enter areas where fine for a vacuum cleaner that will help us remove dust in these parts.

9. Stickers with the logo of our workshop are useful to ensure the job. these are placed on key points. for if we see that disarmed the computer before they bring it to us void the warranty. Many people find it easy to get their hands on things and then blame others for failures.



10 Tools: Multimeter, flat screwdrivers, cross stitch, tip screwdrivers, nose pliers, soldering iron, cutter, tool storage box compartment screws. Tweezers to remove micro-chips. solder paste. paste for micro-chips.etc

One more tip: Go to places where you buy-sell for used parts to buy at low prices. computer parts that are useful to us. for example screws, bases for hard disk, bases, coolers, etc.

Thank you for reading!