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Granted: You can do a Google Image search and come up with roughly 1.2 million photos of great PC case mods. I recommend you do so, provided you have about an hour to kill and an amiable boss, because there are people out there who are incredibly talented as well as inundated with free time.

But in the meantime, we’ve compiled some of the coolest case mods we’ve found so far, with a mix of new standouts and old favorites. If you’ve got case mods you think are worth checking out, feel free to leave them in the comments. Otherwise, enjoy the fruits of others’ labors.

With the Power of Steam

In this economy, the copper in this mod is probably worth more than the components, but it still looks pretty cool.

I Am The Bat

This case might not be street-legal, but it is legally awesome.

Low-Tech is the Best Tech

This case is perfect for not protecting your computer from animals, disasters, or the occasional spilled Mountain Dew.

This Will Keep It Cool…Right?

Points for extreme use of the principle “more is better.” This looks completely ineffectual, but I bet it makes people laugh when it’s all spinning. Totally worth it.

The Power of Christ Compels You

There’s not a creepy little dead baby vampire in there, is there? A USB-powered one that jumps up and attacks anybody who gets the login password wrong? That’d be awesome and pants-crappingly frightening.

Had to Have the Doors Widened to Get It Outside

This case includes the computer components, plus some really cool lights and a few things that were taking up space in the closet, looks like.

A PC Case That Can Also Defend This Checkpoint

This computer is a turret from DICE’s Battlefield 2142. Wonder if it can be used to hold a table at Starbucks while you use the bathroom; people are ruthless at that place.

Overclocked Furniture

Okay, now make a chair that looks like a computer but is really a microwave.

How About a Microwave That’s Really a Computer


My Other Girlfriend is a Computer

When your real girlfriend leaves you for spending so much time modding PC cases, this computer will still love you.

This is Galactica Actual — Fire the Nukes!

New favorite. This case is modded in the style of the Battlestar Galactica reboot that was on Sci-Fi Channel a few years ago, and was awesome. That’s the starboard flight pod up there at the top of the case. That’s where the ships come out! Oh man!

Oooooo, Shiny

This just looks…complex.

Make Sure Everyone Knows What Your Favorite Game Is

You want Half-Life branding all over your computer, right? Me too!

Hulk Smash!

This is just cool-looking. I have no further comment.

Stare Longingly Into Kratos’ Eyes While You Disembowel Something

You can’t actually play God of War on your PC, but you can still be a huge God of War fanboy. With artistic talent.

Hey Bender! It’s That Guy You Are!

If it could smoke cigars, you would basically be living in “Futurama.”

And Leela Would Be Your Captain

I like “Futurama” as much as anybody, but damn, guys.

What is The Matrix?

It’s a computer that runs on you, Coppertop. Or at least, it looks like it does.

Perfect For Gaming

I’d like to see the Buick modded to look like an NES that this hooks up to.

Birthplace of Digital Uruk-Hai

This Tower of Orthanc case mod helps the computer inside fight off all kinds of hacker wizardry, but is highly vulnerable to giant tree attacks.

For the Musically Inclined

Classy, modder. Very classy.

Garbage for a Computer

Speaking of class — I guess the plus side of this one is that it’ll cost you nothing and you’ll have lots of viable cases after a LAN party.

Property of Aperture Science

If you paid attention while wandering the halls of the Enrichment Center, you’ll recognize these machines as the property of Aperture Science. As a test subject, you’re entitled to your $60 from Cave Johnson — not a free computer.

The Game May Have Sucked, But…

Codemasters’ steampunk third-person shooter might not have fared well among critics, but it wasn’t a total loss, as it produced this extremely cool case.


That’s what you’d scream whenever something crashes. Every. Single. Time.

TIE Fighter for a Table

This would go great with my X-Wing bed and my AT-AT scooter.

Best When Calling for Air Support

I don’t think the phone is really connected to anything, but a mouse will still aim a Thompson.

PC as Art

If you spend all your money on PC components and have a bare, boring apartment, you can use this case and act like you’re all sophisticated and so on.

This is Gross

No idea you would want to make this.

Cuteness Overload

If you’re not going to make a girlfriend computer, you can make a sad little garbage-cleaner one.

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