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Computer needs repairComputer needs repair – Computers are just like our bodies because they are always multitasking. The problem is that it is hard to know how much work they are doing. But just like we visit our doctors from time to time, computers also require maintenance and repair from time to time.

Although the computers we buy nowadays are designed to sustain less damage, they need to be repaired at some point. While there are few problems you can fix by troubleshooting and repairing your computer on your own, there are several problems you need to ask experts to fix for you.

If you are not techy or familiar with computer repair, you need to leave some hardware upgrades to the engineers. If you want to prevent more serious problems from developing, you need to take your computer to the experts for maintenance as soon as you notice any trouble.

Here are the 5 signs to know it is time to get your computer repaired or even replaced:

#1. Software Malfunctions/Crashes

Are your software and programs crashing frequently? If they are malfunctioning or crashing frequently, then you need to take it to an expert for a repair or maintenance. When software runs into issues, it slows down your computer, freezes it, crashes or sends error messages.

If it is only one of the software that is acting up, then your PC is probably not dying, but if many programs are acting up and the same issue keeps repeating itself after checking viruses and rebooting, then it is time to have it examined and repaired.

#2. Physical Damage

Major physical issues like unexplainable noises or damaged processor are an indication you need an expert to examine your computer and repair it. Any delay could lead to bigger issues and costly repairs. You shouldn’t ignore the strange noise, especially upon start up because it is a sign that something isn’t right. Also, minor physical damage like chipped paint doesn’t affect the functionality of your device and can be ignored.

#3. Hardware Glitches

Are you seeing strange dots or lines on your PC? Does your computer not recognize your USB when you plug it in? Is your mouse malfunctioning? All these are signs your computer needs repair. But don’t panic yet; check your monitor, keyboard and mouse cables to see they are all firmly connected.

It could be a loose USB or cable that is causing the problems. However, if the problem persists, you could need a new graphics card, power supply or motherboard. So take it to an expert to fix it for you.

#4. Performance Problems

If your computer is slower than it used to be or it seems to work when it wants to, you need to take it to an expert for a repair or maintenance. It could be that you are running outdated software or your hard drive is almost full or it is a hardware related problem or your PC has been compromised by viruses. Whatever the problem might be, an expert will spot it and fix it for you.

#5. Loud Fans and Hardware

When loud noises are coming from your computer, you should know it is not a good sign. If your fan is abnormally loud, it could be that there are too much dust and dirt inside of it. You can fix this by taking apart the case and using compressed air to clean the components. If your computer is an older one, you need to buy a brand new fan.

If your hardware is grinding, beeping, making noise or clicking loudly, you need to quickly repair it because it could result in data loss.

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