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Affordable Laptop Repair

Thanks for visiting our Affordable Laptop Repair Center – we offer notebook computer repair, our full service Netbook and Laptop repair service center offers the best flat rate notebook and laptop repair.

We offer both in-store, on-site and nation-wide mail-in service. If you wish to ship your laptop to us, please call to 7864220705

Our certified Techs repair technicians can repair ALL Toshiba, IBM / Lenovo, Sony, HP, Compaq, Panasonic; Dell laptops and notebooks as well as most other brands.

Affordable Laptop Repair – We have fixed over 9,000 computers since 2006, more than half of which are laptops. We can troubleshoot and fix your laptop for less!

Common laptop problems include:

Software repair (Can be done remotely):

  • Malicious software removal (Virus/Spy-ware/ad-ware/malware/pop-up removal)
  • Tune up (optimization, decfragmentation, cleaning)
  • Require software repair? Contact us today!


Laptop LCD screen repair:

  • LCD Screen Replacement (if the LCD screen is dim or cracked, it needs to be replaced)
  • LCD is dim (this indicates a problem with the light bulb, invertor board, cable or motherboard)
  • LCD shows blank or incorrect color
  • LCD does not show an image unless you connect it to an external monitor
  • LCD produces flicking, horizontal or vertical lines across the screen
  • Require a laptop LCD screen repair?


Laptop liquid spill repair:

  • If you spilled fluids of any kind into your laptop (water, soda, wine, coffee, etc) , please avoid further damage: do not turn the laptop power on or try to remove any laptop parts. Contact us today!


Laptop Motherboard Repair :

  • Laptop DC Power Jack Repair (may be related to the AC/DC jack, power connector, and plug being burned, broken or loose). It is the most common problem. Do not try to do it on your own or have someone without enough experiences work on it. When we repair it, we will reinforce it. We include a free jack replacement (note: some of the power jacks are difficult to find but we always can get them!).
  • Does not power up? or there is power but no boot up?
  • Has no video, although there is power
  • System hangs up or shuts down by itself?
  • Laptop has been dropped, machine quits working
  • Require a laptop motherboard repair?


Laptop Keyboard Repair

  • Keyboard has missing or stuck keys?


Hardware upgrades and operating system:

  • Memory (DDR/DDR2/DDR3/DIMM/PC100)
  • Hard drive internal storage (IDE/ATA, SATA – try 320GB!)
  • Optical drive replacement and upgrade (CD/RW, DVD+- R/RW, DVD-RAM)
  • Microsoft Windows (98/ME/2000/XP/Home/Pro/Vista)
  • Require a hardware or operating system upgrade? Contact us today!

We are experts in our field. Some of the typical laptop, tablet, netbook and notebook repairs we handle are: laptop keyboard repair and replacement, laptop DC power jack replacement, laptop lcd and screen replacement, notebook repair, long island laptop repairs, lcd repair, laptop screen repair, laptop motherboard repair, broken laptop repair, laptop screens repair, LCD replacement.