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Apple Laptop Screen Repair – Are you having trouble with your Apple Laptop Screen Repair? At 123PCSolutions, we solve your problem. Our team of skilled experts in Durban can fix any problem when it comes to Mac repairs, be they large or small. With us by your side, you will always have premium Macbook Repair services in Durban at your disposal.

Equipped with talent, as well as, the required tools and parts, we can get your machine repaired without pinching your pocket. Additionally, we do not compromise on time. Be it MacBook Pro Retina, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro, we will never dishearten you.

At 123PCSolutions, we are very careful about customer satisfaction. Be it removing the components after they have been affected by a liquid spill or offering quick service, we have got you covered. Hence, we test the MacBook repeatedly, post-repair, and refuse to hand it over to you unless we confirm its performance.

Apple laptop logic board repair

Macbook Screen Replacement

Imac / Mac Screen glass repair

Over-heating Mac issues Heat

Macbook charging problems

Networking / Security on iMac / Macbook

Apple Laptop Screen Repair


At 123PCSolutions, our specialists strive to provide you with first-rate professional Apple Macbook repair and IMAC repair services at affordable prices.

Apple Laptop Screen Repair
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Fix Your MacBook Today

Don’t buy a new MacBook just because your screen is cracked or it is slowing down. Our expert 123PCSolutions MacBook repair techs can have your MacBook fixed and back into your hands in as little as 2-3 days. We can upgrade your slow computer to run even better than when you first got it, or replace your broken screen with a brand-new one. All of our MacBook repairs come with our 100-day guarantee.