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Solving problems with programs that load at startup

If you pay attention to what I'm going to explain in this article, you will learn to solve problems that can arise from the implementation of programs that load at startup of the operating system, which directly affect the proper functionality of your PC. Many times we see that problems occur during loading of the operating system, ie not properly load system and perhaps do not know is owed, and worse still do not know how to address this problem. One of the ... Read more

The Importance of Preventive Maintenance

If you read this article you will learn the true importance of preventive maintenance as an element of great value to avoid failures in the PC, avoiding many of the causes of these injuries that affect our computers. Many of the problems that arise in computer systems can be avoided or prevented if we perform periodic preventive maintenance of each of the components of the PC. There are two great enemies of your PC that are heat and moisture. Excess heat accelerates the ... Read more

Miami Computer Technology

Eventually computers need to be upgraded or replaced to work with the latest technology.  Of course, we all would like to obtain the newest and fastest computer found on the market, but that isn't always an option for many people.  So, what can you do with your out-of-date computer that can help you stay up-to-date with today’s needs?  Fortunately, with the most ideal hardware upgrades, it can drastically improve your computer's overall performance.  To find out how you can better improve ... Read more

Miami Virus Removal

Hours Of Operation: Monday – Saturday – 10 a.m. – 6 p.m INSTANT QUOTE (SEND A TEXT) Call: (786) 422-0705 If your computer system seems to be running slower than normal, it may be possibly a warning sign of a virus, but can possibly even be program overload, too.  There are some common indicators that can alert you that there may possibly be a virus within your computer.  At 123 PC Solutions, our Miami virus removal professionals will be able to evaluate your computer ... Read more

Miami LCD Screen Repairs

Hours Of Operation: Monday – Saturday – 10 a.m. – 6 p.m INSTANT QUOTE (SEND A TEXT) Call: (786) 422-0705 LCD Screen Repairs - Miami Screen Repairs Laptops are great to have until the screen breaks, which ends up making them completely useless, right?  What makes it worse is if working on something or needing to do something on your laptop and find that there is something wrong with the LCD screen.  You may be able to figure out if your LCD screen is having ... Read more
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