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Blue Screen Of Death – Don’t Worry We Got You Covered?

Blue Screen Of DeathThe blue screen in Windows when a fatal error occurs. It is feared that he surnames blue screen of death. But often it has a fairly simple solution. Almost always due to a faulty driver or a problem with the devices or other hardware. But it can also have other causes. If you need the files on your disk or worries you lose your first tries to recover data from the hard disk.

To lead them to safety. Then try these solutions in the order in which the put.

1. Go back to the configuration that worked

Windows will start with the latest configuration of drivers and registration system that did not give problems. That can solve what caused the failure.
Turn off the PC. Read this entire step before doing so indicated and on again. You’ll have to press the F8 key repeatedly until you see a black screen background with the advanced startup options.

Blue Screen Of Death how desperate is for users

Start pressing F8 as you give the button. Do not wait another second. If the Windows logo appears you will lose the opportunity.

Click here for solutions if F8 is not working.
Use the arrow keys to choose the option of booting with the last known good / known good configuration. Press Enter.
2. Recalls the previous driver

When the blue screen comes after updating a device driver, it is almost certain that there is a problem.

Restart the PC in Safe Mode.
Follow the instructions to restore the previous device driver that is causing the failure. This new driver uninstall and reinstall giving problems which had before (which in principle should work).
3. Restore the system

You can resolve errors caused by faulty drivers or programs.

Choose back to a restore point before installing the device or program that fails. Or go back to a point where everything worked well.