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A quick guide of how to fix a broken laptop hinge

Laptops are highly expensive and you might want to avoid expenses like having a broken laptop hinge. If you are looking for a quick way to fix a broken hinge then there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. When you are replacing the hinge, you must open the inside of the laptop which voids the warranty. So, be sure before you do this without professional help. There are a lot of professionals who provide quick and affordable services to cater to this problem on which you can rely on as well.

How to fix a broken laptop hinge quickly:

If you want to do this yourself, then here are some easy and general instructions that will help you out.


These instructions are general and not for any specific brand so before disassembling use the company manual.

Items that you will need for a laptop loose hinge:

Here are some of the items that you might need during repairing a broken hinge. You might need other tools as well depending upon the hinge.

  • 3mm coupling nuts
  • Screwdrivers
  • Drill index
  • Vice grips
  • Hacksaw
  • Cordless drill
  • 3mm short screws


Step 1:

Before you start disassembling, you must make sure that you have disconnected the laptop power cable. Remove the battery and DVD drive if it is present on your laptop.

Step 2:

Now, remove the keyboard of your laptop by unscrewing the screws present on the er base of the laptop.


Make sure that you carefully keep those screws and remember from where you have unscrewed them.

Step 3:

You will find a plastic bezel around the screen so remove it to see the hinges properly. Now you will see the broken or damaged hinges and there is a chance that they might be broken into pieces.

Step 4:

If you find any screws that are holding the hinges to the lid, you have to remove it in order to fix it. Once you reach this step carefully, it becomes easier to proceed with the further process. Moreover, remove any part of the hinges that are attached to the board or the lid. Even if there is a scenario of a laptop loose hinge, you still need to change it before any accident.

Step 5:

By this time, you are quite aware of the tools that you will need to repair your broken laptop hinge. You can even contact the laptop manufacturer for spare parts. You should mention your laptop serial number before getting the tools so you get the right ones. If they say that it will take some time, then you can go to any nearby computer store and they will provide you the needed tools.

Step 6:

Now, replace the broken hinges and reverse this whole procedure to properly assemble your laptop.

This is a general procedure that anyone can follow at home. But an expensive product like a laptop must be taken care of by a professional. So, do thorough research before you start repairing hinges on your own.