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Technology holds a significant position in the smooth functioning of any business. Thus, it is imperative for every company to maintain its IT infrastructure.

Hardware, software, and data storage and management are essential, however, often considered an after-thought by most business owners.

The truth is that you cannot run a business without a strategy to manage its technology.

This is why IT management is so important in running a successful business.

What is IT Management?

Management of all resources related to information technology is called IT management. These resources require ongoing management on a day-to-day basis.

Most enterprises understand the importance of IT management and typically outsource these services to an IT services management company or a Managed Services Provider (MSP)

It might be an overwhelming task to hire a managed IT service provider, especially for small business owners.

However, here’s what you need to know before hiring a managed IT service provider.

A master managed IT services company provides businesses with a complete IT Support strategy.

The Process Involved in IT Management


This is the first phase of any kind of management and is thus crucial to IT management.

In this step, the managed service provider identifies a user’s and business’ requirements for information, and further formulates a plan to acquire, maintain, and utilize that information.


Once information has been acquired, the next step is maintaining it.

An MSP does so in a proactive way so that any critical component that may cause a problem can quickly be identified and addressed. This ensures that time is not wasted diagnosing the problem and issues can be resolved quickly and effectively.


The aim behind maintaining information is to use it whenever necessary at the right time, in the right form, to the right people, and in the right place as to support business objectives. Documenting and creating a knowledge base for your business is a key to resolving issues fast.


This is the phase in which the business and IT users are informed of the availability of the required information to help meet business objectives


In case there is any information that may compromise the integrity of other available business information, then MSPs work towards doing away with it.

Furthermore, any information that is meant to be removed, is done so protecting the rest of the information.

So, How Can 123pcsolutions Help?

123pcsolutions offers complete managed IT services for small and medium-sized businesses throughout Miami.

We are happy to consult with you regarding your IT needs to help you discover what works best for your business.

5 Ways 123pcsolutions Can Help

1. End-point Management

i. Mobile Device Management (MDM)

123pcsolutions helps secure and manage all your handheld mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

They ensure that your PC cards, pagers, and notebooks are well maintained and secure.

Since all devices need to be checked for viruses and new updates, they aim to save you the trouble of doing all of that by yourself.

Whether it’s hardware management or software configuration and distribution, 123pcsolutions manages it all.

We also tend to the security, encryption, authentication, jailbreak/rooted notification and network services of your devices.

ii. Server Management

123pcsolutions provides complete management of standard Microsoft Server products, including product updates and fixes.

Patches and fixes are scheduled during off-hours, as we do not want them to interrupt your business, hence, minimizing downtime as much as possible.

They provide information regarding the health of your servers by identifying and eliminating conditions that may possibly compromise your server productivity.

iii. Desktop Management

123pcsolutions also help you manage all the computers, laptops, and other computing devices within your organization as part of our endpoint management service.

The number of versions of operating systems and software applications are surging therefore ensuring your desktops are updated is crucial.

Your business might include several remote employees, and the only time-effective and cost-effective solution you have here is switching to endpoint management services.

123pcsolutions can help you by carrying out a preventive maintenance routine to ensure that your desktop environment is secure against malicious attacks online.

Routine Desktop Maintenance by 123pcsolutions

  • Antivirus Updates: Keep checking for latest antivirus updates and install it to the desktop to ensure security against new viruses.
  • Spyware Management: Remove spyware that may slow down your computer, display annoying pop-up ads, change Internet settings, or make use of your private information without your consent.
  • Temporary File Deletion: Keep a check on your storage and remove unused files from your system so as to free up space on your hard disk as well as increase the speed of your Windows operating system.

2. Network Management

Network management is a crucial aspect of any business as nothing can function without network connectivity.

123pcsolutions first aims at understanding your business needs before chalking out a network management plan for you.

Besides this, they also ensure real-time awareness, controlled access, network continuity, integrated workflows, reporting, and implementation of network expertise are followed through as part of their management.

3. Help Desk

Have any IT issues interrupting your work?

Help desk assistance is just a call away!

123pcsolutions has technicians 24/7 waiting to provide IT support remotely over the phone or web.

An end-user’s computer is operated by the technician for diagnosis and resolving troubleshooting issues as well as complex issues.

4. IT Procurement

Buying technology for your business can be confusing and time consuming. We’ve been purchasing IT products for our clients for almost 20 years.

We understand what your business needs and where to source it from our vast vendor network. We make it completely easy for business owners to get the technology they need, at the right price, when they need it.

5. Business Continuity

No matter the external weather conditions such as hail, storm or hurricane, your business needs to be safe and sound.

This can only be possible by using a reliable backup and disaster recovery system that backs up all your data on an ongoing, regular basis.

This is an integral part of disaster management, which is primarily taken care of by an MSP.

For instance, 123pcsolutions assures you peace of mind and business continuity by providing you with the most effective solutions to protect your data from cyber-crime, physical and natural disasters.

A managed IT services provider can be the competitive advantage you need make your business successful.

Hiring one enhances your productivity that affects your business financially, technically, and saves your employees time and trouble, making them more productive in achieving your business goals.

Contact 123pcsolutions to manage all your IT needs and help your business prosper.