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Laptop Physically Broke

Laptop Physical Damage Some laptops get used harder than others. Some just suffer from bad luck. Whatever the cause, odds are good at some point something will just…break. Do not fret, we have been fixing physically damaged laptops for years. The most common problems we see are: Broken laptop hinges – one of the most common problems Broken, scratched, and cracked laptop top covers – Often grow out of broken hinges Broken power buttons, dinged cases, scratches, and anything else you can do to your ... Read more

Laptop Keyboard and Mouse Repair

Laptop Keyboard and Mouse Repair Having a laptop with a broken mouse or broken keyboard can be an extremely frustrating experience. Everything works, you just can’t get to it. Most often, a keyboard will stop working as a result of a spill. Either the keys get stuck or the keyboard circuitry gets fried, but either way your keyboard can quickly become nothing more than a large paperweight. Mice can fail for a number of reasons: the laser optics can break, it can ... Read more

Laptop not charging?

Laptop not charging? We can fix that. Sometimes your laptop is fine – it just won’t charge. If you’re having problems charging your laptop, or if your laptop no longer works even when it’s plugged into the wall – this could be a power jack problem. Don’t worry though, we can fix that! You can confirm your problem is a power jack by walking through the following these easy steps, or by bringing it by our office for a free diagnostic! To ... Read more

Laptop Virus Removal

Laptop Virus Removal Laptop viruses are malicious pieces of software that can cause your laptop to act in ways it shouldn’t. Symptoms that your laptop has a virus include: Your laptop is running slowly or not responding You get frequent pop-ups, sometimes when you’re not even online When you visit one webpage, you get redirected to a different page Your desktop icons disappear, don’t work, or are replaced by programs you don’t remember installing If you think you have a laptop virus, it is very important to ... Read more

Laptop Water Damage Repair

Laptop Water Damage Repair Nothing beats a dip in the pool or a refreshing glass of iced tea in the summer time. Well, unless you’re a computer. Water and spill damage is a common problem we see here at 123PCSolutions, whether it’s someone leaving their laptop out in the rain, knocking over a glass of champagne on the keyboard, or having your kid treat your laptop as if it’s his sandbox. From soda spills to ocean water, we’ve seen it all. Our technicians ... Read more
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