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Computer TechnicianIt’s always wonderful to have a reliable Computer Technician available if ever your computer breaks down. To lots of people, their computers are very vital to them since more than likely; they have a great deal of crucial information and documents stored on the hard drive.  So, when something goes wrong with their computers, they will probably panic.  And, it can be even more stressful wondering who to call to fix it.  The experienced and competent computer technicians at are available at any time you happen to be experiencing an issue with your computer, just visit us online for information at:

 The following are some tips to do before bringing your computer to a computer technician.

  •  Be sure to document everything about your computer and its contents.

Write down the serial numbers found on your computer.  Also, be sure to write down anything you have personally added to the computer over time aside from what was already there when you originally purchased it.  More than likely, you may have programs and downloads you purchased that you probably want to make note of what you added to the computer.  You want to make sure you write down or print off any receipts, serial numbers, company names, phone numbers, website addresses and anything else.  Because if for some reason your computer needs to be reformatted, you don’t want to lose everything you paid for.

  •  Back up your computer.

Backing up your system on a regular basis is very important.  Plus, it may assist the computer technician when making any repairs if needed.

  •  Contact a computer technician at 123 PC Solutions

Computer technicians will all charge various prices for their services.  In order to locate the most affordable technician, call up several technicians and learn what they charge for their services.  Plus, it is a good idea to let them know what is going on with your computer to find out if they are experienced with your type of problem and your computer.

Documenting everything about your computer and backing up your computer if possible is a very good idea.  If the computer has crashed, you probably can’t back it up.  This is why performing back ups regularly is a very good idea.  Our computer technician professionals are affordable and an industry leader.  We will help make you comfortable while we get your computer repaired.

If something is wrong with your computer don’t get stressed out!  Our Miami computer repair professionals are skilled to get your computer functioning again!  Just give one of our professional computer technicians at 123 PC Solutions a call at (786) 422-0705 or visit us at:  You will be so glad you did!