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5 Easy Ways to Free Up Space on Your PC

More and more people are starting to use solid-state drives (SSDs). This type of drive is smaller but faster than mechanical hard drives. While SSDs will boost the speed of everything that needs disk access, they can fill up pretty quickly. As you put more files on an SSD, it will start to have more and more partially filled blocks. It is slower to write to these blocks than it is to write to empty blocks. The end result is that your ... Read more

Is Microsoft Teams the Best Option for Your Communication Needs?

The Best Option for Your Communication Needs? Communication is a crucial part of any business, which means that a business will require the tools that allow it to communicate effectively. There are many solutions designed to fulfill that precise need with assorted features and functions. One of these tools is Microsoft Teams. Let’s review some of what it has to offer a business user. What Can Microsoft Teams Do? As a collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams enables extensive and assorted communication options for a workforce ... Read more

Tip of the Week: How to Manage Your Network Profiles

Tip of the Week: How to Manage Your Network Profiles Your Windows computer has all kinds of different settings that let it connect to different networks. While this might not seem like major difference, it could have a drastic effect on your organization’s cybersecurity. This week’s tip is dedicated to helping you make sure that your network profile is as secure as possible. What’s a Network Profile? Every time a Windows 10 device connects to a new network, you’ll be asked if it should ... Read more

Your Network is at Threat from the Inside, Too

It’s no secret that a business’ security is one of its most important considerations. It would seem that there is a daily reminder of this unfortunate fact - but it’s even more unfortunate that many people aren’t aware of where many threats can actually come from. Below, we’ll discuss how some threats start on the inside - as well as what you can do to help stop them. From the Inside? Some may be surprised to learn that one of the biggest threats to ... Read more

The Nigelthorn Malware is a Lot Less Friendly than its Namesake

The Nigelthorn Malware is a Lot Less Friendly than its Namesake You can never be too careful about what you install on your computers. In this most recent example, Google Chrome users are finding themselves targeted by a new type of malware called Nigelthorn. Nigelthorn’s Method of Attack The scam works like this; you encounter a link to a fake YouTube video on social media. If the user clicks on this link, they will be asked to download the Nigelify extension from the Chrome ... Read more
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