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Antivirus Software Windows Defender – Call 786.422.0705

DO YOU HAVE AN ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE? CAN WINDOWS DEFENDER DO THE JOB? The world of technology is always changing. But, you can always count on the danger of contracting a computer virus. Ever since the first virus was created, antivirus software has been fighting them. Over the years, antivirus software has changed a lot. In the beginning, the only way to get a virus was through floppy disks. Early antivirus programs would check the executable files and boot sectors on floppy disks, in addition to ... Read more

Refurbished Laptops Call Now 786.422.0705

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In recent years, mobile phones have become the preferred way to take photographs. In fact, 85% of photographs are taken on smartphones. Industry leaders, like Apple, have taken note and have enhanced their camera on the latest models of the iPhone. Apple’s key selling point on the iPhone 11 Pro Series is the triple-system camera. With updated portrait and panorama modes, and a new night mode feature, users will be taking images unlike ever before on an iPhone. Chances are, once you start ... Read more

Data and Server Backup Management

Data and Server Backup Management for Your Business Let’s face it, the most important asset your business has is data – without it, your business could be lost. Given that, it’s surprising how many businesses don’t do enough to protect this incredibly valuable asset. Whether your business is small or large, it is imperative to have a data backup and recovery strategy in place so you’re not scrambling to put something together after a data loss or breach occurs. With such a plan, ... Read more
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