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Laptop Repair

Hours Of Operation: Monday – Saturday – 10 a.m. – 6 p.m INSTANT QUOTE (SEND A TEXT) Call: (786) 422-0705 Laptop Repair in Miami Florida Laptop Repair - One of the essential things in your life is your laptop. We all know how it works magic for us. You keep it close to yourself as it is extremely easy to carry and you can easily to do all your work on it. Today, it is the time when everything is done on laptops or ... Read more

Computer Repair

Hours Of Operation: Monday – Saturday – 10 a.m. – 6 p.m INSTANT QUOTE (SEND A TEXT) Call: (786) 422-0705 Computer Repair - If we take a look at today's age, technology has skyrocketed and time has come when people site in the comforts of their home and earn good amount of money. Today, nothing seems possible without a computer. You might have noticed that your computer creates problems or trouble working when you need it the most. It is in those times ... Read more

Prepare Computer Network for Hurricane Irma

So a new hurricane is headed your way, and you want to ensure you have a plan in place to minimize the hurricane’s impact on your business. Well, you’ve made the right decision right off the bat: You are building a plan. The next step is to identify the steps of that plan. We’ve done that for you! Use these 5 steps to quickly implement your plan. But before you continue: We’ve included an Excel spreadsheet to help you. Read the article ... Read more

Labor Day sales are everywhere – Get the best Deals

It's Labor Day weekend, when we celebrate American workers by spending our hard-earned money buying new stuff. On the bright side, most of it seems to be on sale. Retailers are pros at catching our eye with enticing deals. You've probably received emails with subject lines like "50% off EVERYTHING?! Make room in your closet" — that one landed in my inbox from J. Crew. While some of that is just marketing speak, it is possible to score some really great deals. Here's how to make sure ... Read more

Miami computer virus removal

Different Types of Computer Virus | Miami computer virus removal For quick virus removal – (786) 422-0705 A virus is a computer program written to maliciously affect the way a computer operates by loading itself onto a Computer system file. It  is capable of reproducing itself once it’s on a system to prevent other programs from operating. Viruses can interrupt the execution of programs, delete files, or destroy the contents of your hard drive. Some aren’t designed to do any damage at all ... Read more
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