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Computer Technician

It's always wonderful to have a reliable Computer Technician available if ever your computer breaks down. To lots of people, their computers are very vital to them since more than likely; they have a great deal of crucial information and documents stored on the hard drive.  So, when something goes wrong with their computers, they will probably panic.  And, it can be even more stressful wondering who to call to fix it.  The experienced and competent computer technicians at are ... Read more

Laptop Screen Repair

What to do when your laptop has a broken screen and need a laptop screen repair?  Because a laptop is a compact computer device, when there is even one broken part, it seems like the entire device useless, doesn't it?  If at any time your laptop screen breaks, there are some options available like fixing the screen, connecting to an external monitor or even buying a new laptop.  If you need to talk to an experienced computer technician, feel free to ... Read more

Fix PC

Fix PC at 123 PC Solutions When feel its time to fix PC, there are some basic things you can do to see if you can remedy the problem with your PC before having a computer professional run diagnostics on it.  At anytime, if these suggestions to fix your PC do not help improve the performance of your computer, you can contact one of our experienced computer technicians by visiting us at To get started for Windows users, reboot your computer, especially ... Read more

This is why I love Bose, Beats (no more)

BOSE TO BECOME OFFICIAL HEADPHONE AND HEADSET OF NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE Bose and NFL extend sponsorship to evolve NFL sidelines to shape the future of football   March 24, 2014 -- Bose Corporation and the National Football League today announced they have extended their sponsorship agreement, which now makes Bose the official headphone and headset of the NFL. Bose will design, engineer and manufacture new headsets for all NFL coaches to use in-game, enhancing sideline and booth communications in a variety of areas, including play-calling ... Read more

An elegant smartwatch exceptional features

SmartWatch My wrist has been attracting an inordinate amount of attention lately. It's not because of its gangly shape or shockingly pale color, thank you very much. It's because of the unusual watch that's been wrapped around it. Android Wear I'm talking about the Moto 360 -- Motorola's first foray into the smartwatch world and easily the most anticipated Android Wear device to date. The newApple Watch may be the talk of the town at the moment, but its Android equivalents have been around since ... Read more
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