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Laptop Virus Removal

Laptop Virus Removal In the digital age, our laptops are like treasure chests containing invaluable personal and professional data. However, these devices are not immune to threats, and viruses can quickly turn your digital haven into a nightmare. Laptop virus removal is an essential skill every computer user should possess. In this article, we will discuss the importance of laptop virus removal, common signs of infection, and steps to remove viruses from your laptop. Why is Laptop Virus Removal Important? Laptop virus removal is ... Read more

Laptop Water Damage Repair

Laptop Water Damage Repair Nothing beats a dip in the pool or a refreshing glass of iced tea in the summer time. Well, unless you’re a computer. Water and spill damage is a common problem we see here at 123PCSolutions, whether it’s someone leaving their laptop out in the rain, knocking over a glass of champagne on the keyboard, or having your kid treat your laptop as if it’s his sandbox. From soda spills to ocean water, we’ve seen it all. Our technicians ... Read more

My laptop won’t turn on!

Hours Of Operation: Monday – Sunday – 10 a.m. – 6 p.m INSTANT QUOTE (SEND A TEXT) Call: (786) 422-0705 Help! My laptop won’t turn on! If your laptop won’t turn on, don’t panic! There are a lot of reasons a laptop might not turn on when you hit the power button, and we can help you with all of them! To help you narrow your problem down, take a look at the following scenarios: When I press the power button a lightning bolt flashes ... Read more

Computer won’t start

Computer won’t start Does your computer fail to power on?  Or the operating system isn’t loading all the way?  Maybe you see lights, but your computer is not showing anything on the screen?  Our team computer experts will diagnose it, test all your parts and operating system to determine the exact issue and repair cost.  We are computer experts at determining non-starting computer issues. Common computer start-up issues we support: Failed power supply No power light Failing hard drive Dead motherboard Overheated computer Bad ... Read more

Does my laptop LCD screen need to be replaced?

As the most frequently used and fragile component on a laptop, there are many ways a laptop LCD screen can fail. The most common reasons to replace a laptop LCD screen are physical damage or cracks. Other reasons for replacement could be vertical and/or horizontal lines, dead pixels, a dim screen, or a flickering screen. A Cracked Screen: Besides from an obvious crack or a spider web crack, most cracks will be under the surface, with the glass inside the laptop LCD ... Read more
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