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Software upgrade – Miami, FL – 786.422.0705

Why are software upgrades and installations highly important? Just think for a moment that will happen to your vehicle if you do not maintain it? It’s a machine and without proper maintenance how long can it last? The same thing goes for your software that needs an upgrade over time. A lot of people take software upgrade and installation lightly but you should know it is highly necessary for your system. When you do a system update, it basically increases the life ... Read more

Laptop DC power jack – Miami, FL

Symptoms that your laptop DC power jack might need repairing One of the most important components of your laptop is the DC power jack. It allows you to charge your laptop by passing electricity through the adapter. Generally, the laptop DC power jack can become loose from daily use. This scenario is found generally in people who work online and have kids at home who uses your laptop. Even if you have pets in the house or work on an uneven surface. ... Read more

Broken laptop hinge – Miami, FL – 786.422.0705

A quick guide of how to fix a broken laptop hinge Laptops are highly expensive and you might want to avoid expenses like having a broken laptop hinge. If you are looking for a quick way to fix a broken hinge then there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. When you are replacing the hinge, you must open the inside of the laptop which voids the warranty. So, be sure before you do this without professional help. ... Read more

Laptop Keyboard Repair – Miami, FL

Laptop Keyboard Repair Laptop keyboard repair is one of the areas we say we can fix your device quickly. Often times when a laptop breaks, it is the keyboard that seems to suffer damage the fastest. There are a number of areas that a keyboard can suffer so much damage. The main one of these is water or another type of liquid that gets spilled. When this occurs, this leads to the keyboard being shorted out and not working any longer. This ... Read more

Laptop Power Jack Repair in Miami, FL.

Laptop Power Jack Repair If you’re having a laptop problem we will fix your device fast. We are 123PCSolutions and we’re here to help you. The problem is more than likely in your power jack. What is going on is that you more than likely need a laptop power jack repair. Just bring it into our shop which is 123PCSolutions is conveniently located at 1150 NW 29 ST Miami, FL 33127. Bring your computer down and we’ll get right on it and ... Read more
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