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How to make my PC Faster in 4 Steps

Back To 123pcsolutions How to make my PC faster | Slow PC | Run Like New It would be easy to imagine that in 2013 the PCs have advanced enough that a slow onset of PC and computers that do not respond or blocked were things of the past. Sadly , this is not the case. Although Windows 8 and the arrival of SSDs have accelerated the start of our teams, ultrabooks and tablets , there are still factors that cause a slow PC ... Read more

How to Restart or Shutdown remote PC within the same network

Back To 123pcsolutions Arrive one day and all my workplace turned on my computer and I suddenly strip the message of " IP Conflict" and they believe someone had assigned my IP address so I could not sail , and then take up the matter , was not willing to lose my IP privileges and then I was assigned a temporary IP and proceeded to trace my IP using the CMD doing a ping my IP : Ping -a what threw ... Read more

Turn your PC into WIFI (windows 7)

Back To 123pcsolutions Turn your PC into WIFI - The key word of this post is "Share" and although it is a word that many in practice unknown because here we will instill that computer should be free and open for everyone. What we do on this occasion is known as network "Ad Hoc", for the uninitiated is a LAN (local area network) where a working group be created to share internet connection, folders, resources, etc.. Since Windows 7 came out to create an ... Read more
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