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Hard Drive ReplacementHard Drive Replacement – The first step to know the nature of the failure and damage to your hard drive is to analyze your state and, depending on the results, a diagnosis of the cause and try to retrieve it.

One of the diagnostic tools easier to use is CrystalDiskInfo you can download from their website. This free tool will analyze your hard drives and will show his state of health. On this occasion it uses his portable version 6.0.4.

Download the software and unzip the file in an accessible location. For example, on the Desktop. Then connect your external hard drives, if you want the program to analyze them. Then go to the folder where you unzipped CrystalDiskInfo and double-click the executable file DiskInfo.exe. Then the program starts and after a brief analysis, will show the health status of the storage drives connected to your computer.

Hard Drive Replacement before losing data

But don’t worry that’s why we are here to help you solve all this problems, in case you don’t have time or you don’t want o mess with your hard drive well leave it to the experts at 123PCSolutions we will fix your Hard Drive in no time call us now!