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Homestead Laptop Cracked Screen – How To Protect Your Laptop Display For Damage

homestead-laptop-cracked-screenAlthough they can be designed to resist the rigors of daily usage, the displays on our laptops are really quite delicate. Most notebook computers and netbooks have less than ¼ inch-thick LCD’s. If dropped, slammed, or if enough pressure is put on the face of the laptop screen, it will crack. In Homestead Florida, there are laptop screen repair shops that will help you fix this problem.

Before you take the laptop to a Homestead laptop cracked screen repair shop, assess the damage.

If you examine the display, you may see some physical fractures in the tempered glass. Picture stepping on a frozen pool in the winter and seeing the ice crack under your feet. If you run your finger over the cracks, you might feel sharp edges or flakes of glass.

You might also see some bad pixels on the broken display when it’s powered on. This typically happens when the unit is dropped or the display is bent past its breaking point. Additionally, it may happen if something is slammed against the display, or if you close the lid with something wedged between the display and the keypad.

Occasionally the glass won’t shatter into bits, but your display will look like it has a big splotch of black ink with trails of gray that spread out like tentacles from the crack. This type of damage is due to pressure on the display itself or at the rear of the laptop. It is also typical when a laptop is stepped on or sat on. The glass doesn’t split, but the liquid inside (liquid crystal display) leaks out. If you apply enough pressure, the container holding the liquid will shatter and the substance inside will spill out.

Homestead laptop cracked screen – How to protect your laptop display

• Laptop sleeves

Protect your unit when taking it about by placing it in a sleeve, padded tote, or a tough plastic case. To an extent, this will protect your laptop it falls or is hit by another object.

• Don’t place heavy objects on the laptop

Avoid placing bigger, heavier items in areas where they’re able to fall or somehow wind up on the laptop. Display damage due to heavy items is why it’s never advisable to put your laptop bag in the trunk and set bags on it. If you are traveling by air, take it with you on the plane to ensure it doesn’t get smashed or broken in your bag.

• Don’t apply pressure to the screen

Do your best not to lift your laptop by the edges of the display. Always pick them up from the underside.

• Be cautious with liquids around

Spills will damage the display. Ensure that you don’t splash hot or very cold liquids on the laptop display. Avoid placing any liquids near your laptop.