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Arrive one day and all my workplace turned on my computer and I suddenly strip the message of ” IP Conflict” and they believe someone had assigned my IP address so I could not sail , and then take up the matter , was not willing to lose my IP privileges and then I was assigned a temporary IP and proceeded to trace my IP using the CMD doing a ping my IP : Ping -a what threw me returns the name of the PC and could identify the user of that PC.

Well not wanting confrontation simply turn off the PC without entering it , I made it through the powerful CMD again later assign me my IP and when the user re-ignites the PC will appear the message “IP Conflict” but this time with it. : ) …
I confess something … actually I did not do that ( just what I thought ), nor recommend that you do, in this situation it is advisable to talk to the user and to reach an agreement .

This is just a scenario to better understand the trick, I do not recommend used for purposes of harming others.

Well I explain in detail the easiest way to remotely shutdown or restart a PC through the network :

Step 1 .
Type CMD in search box in the start menu and press enter. You must have administrator privileges


Step 2 .
In the CMD screen type the following command : Shutdown – i and press enter
The following graphic display … appears:

Step 3 .

We click on Add … and in the new window that appears add the computer name or IP address (which we turned off) .

Step 4 .

And once already added the IP or hostname to turn define the parameters: The Action ( . Shutdown, restart, etc) if you are sending a warning message before executing the action , the time it will take to perform the action and must choose an option ( can be any ) is only for registration purposes , and finally [ OK].

And with that the PC should go in this case … 30 seconds worth mentioning that you can add multiple computers to turn them off once.

if it does not work then it means you did not follow the steps correctly or you are not an administrator user and usually off policy is enabled for remote access only for administrators go unless you want to turn off the PC and you modify the policy ( gpedit.msc ) off remote access for all. It is not complicated but neither could do it if you do not have administrator privileges.

In next post I shall touch the issue of local group policies ( gpedit.msc ) and pensare at some little trick is useful to us . At the moment I leave , but not before thank you for your subscriptions to our blog is a great pleasure to share this space with you and any questions or comments will be well received.