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iPhone Screen broke at 123PCSolutions we fix it

We thought this only happens in movies, but happened to us and the most absurd way of the world. To get up from a sofa our iPhone was in a blanket and the result has been that the iPhone 5S screen has been shattered. Completely useless. The touch panel intact and still functioning, the reader Touch ID also remains unlocked phone without problems so the damage is limited exclusively to the upper glass front of the iPhone 5S. Voucher. How do we solve it?

In the official Apple stores have implemented new machines that allow you to change the screen of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus a couple of hours. We know officially store Puerta del Sol already has this service for iPhone 6 4.7 ” is priced at € 109. If you have the broken screen of your iPhone is surely the best news since you will not be forced to buy a new iPhone for 240 € that cost with the iPhone 5S.

iPhone Screen broke

To fix your broken your iPhone there are several options screen, have for the economic side, going to an unauthorized service or buy a compatible display online and put yourself or the extremely expensive method, go to an Apple Store and pay compensation. Let each method in detail:

Authorized dealer: this is shopping to buy spare parts aftermarket screens. The price of labor around 15 € and screen about 60-90 €. Usually it takes about twenty minutes if they have done more times. The result is correct however we must say that these screens are not official parts quality in terms of color and much lower sensitivity to touch panel riding your iPhone factory. But it is an economical choice.

The second option is ‘do it yourself’. Ebay looking for a replacement that includes the necessary tools (destorinillador and mini vacuum) and carefully when mounted, is not difficult and you can follow this tutorial (in English with pictures). If you want to buy in Spain we recommend iphonepantallas.com where available parts for the screen of your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus also offers the advantage toolset for change included in the price of € 104.99.

The third option is what we have chosen us for mere convenience and continue investing in the quality of Apple. Go to an Apple Store. Today screen iPhone 5S is not repaired, or changed by another or anything. We’ll get a new phone but at a cost that is very high we advance. They will be € 249.95 if we have Apple Care. They will give you, that if a completely new phone. You only have to make an appointment at your nearest Apple Store, take the card out and in less than twenty minutes you have solved your problem.
In the case of having an iPhone 5, iPhone 5S iPhone 5C or you can also buy a replacement screen. IPhone 5 is available with white or black front and said set of essential to change the display for € 68.99 tools. Shipping is free.

Difference between an original screen and a copy or China (link)

As we told you last May 4 the screen of our iPhone was completely destroyed after a fall. One solution we took was to go to the Apple Store for repair we screen, which meant a complete change of the iPhone but at a high price 249 €. We have not wanted to stop in that solution and today we bring the second option.

It is about changing ourselves or in a store display for aftermarket parts. And this must be clarified. Apple does not sell spare parts so that everything you can find on the internet is not copy and original, will buy where to buy. The price of these screens vary from 30 € to 100 € and there are only two qualities, good and bad.

We have acquired and mounted a display of what we consider as good, and after a few hours of testing we have to say that the difference is quite noticeable. The copy has worse brightness and a rather less clear, intense colors, it is logically a screen with a much lower quality but cost us a lot less money.