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iPhone Screen Replacement Tips

With the right parts, you can replace an iPhone 5 screen in under 10 minutes

iPhone Screen ReplacementWhile a typical iPhone 5 DIY repair requires you to transfer all the small parts from the cracked display over to the new one, we can show you a way to replace your broken screen that will require a lot less work on your part. Not only will it save you lots of time, it will make this repair much more feasible for people with even the most modest DIY experience. And once you’re done, your iPhone 5 will be as good as new again!

The only difference between this version of the repair and our traditional method is the type of replacement display you will buy. Our friends over at eTech Parts now offer iPhone 5 displays with small parts already pre-installed. These are the additional components that are already in place so you don’t have to transfer them:

  • LCD Shield Plate
  • Front Camera with Induction Flex Cable Assembly
  • Front Camera
  • Earpiece Speaker
  • Earpiece Bracket
  • Home Button with Rubber Gasket
  • Home Button Flex
  • Home Button Bracket

iPhone Screen Replacement guide

Using the traditional method, you’ll have to transfer all of these things over. If you use the instructions and parts inside this particular guide, they’ll all be pre-installed for you. So make the decision on which guide is right for you based on how comfortable you are with DIY repair as a whole. The difference in price isn’t tremendous but the difference in labor is.

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