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IT Network Solutions in Miami, FL.

123PCSolutions provides state of the art IT Network Support on an “as-needed basis”. Many IT Network Support firms today want to manage your business technology needs from afar. Our business model emphasizes in-person technology solutions in your business.

We believe strongly that having our customers understand today’s evolving technology is one of the best means to deploy the necessary technology to keep your business competitive in your industry.

The staff that provides your IT Network Support are college degreed Software Engineers. Other IT Network Providers employ vocational trained technicians, thus in many cases, they treat or manage the symptoms of your technology problems without developing the necessary longer-term solutions.

Our more skilled employees save you money since their technology solutions are broader and more comprehensive in scope.

We look forward to showing you how IT Network Solutions should be done today and most importantly tomorrow.

IT Network Solutions


Magnet Digital provides the following IT Network Support Solutions:

  • In house server repairs and maintenance
  • Cloud Solutions with data backup
  • Malware and Virus Defense
  • Office Networking and Periodic Work Station Updates
  • Onsite IT Network Support
  • Emergency IT Network Support Response in less than two hours
  • Custom Software Development and Applications
  • Phone Systems
  • Hardware at Competitive Wholesale Prices

Our mission is to help our customers understand the important role of how IT can transform their business into a successful enterprise. Leave the tasks of managing your IT infrastructure to us so you can concentrate on doing what you do best for your business.

We know the challenges you face running a small business, and IT should be one of your assets in growing your business. We have the highest regard for your business and cater to your specific needs, both before and after the sale.  Beyond adapting to your business needs, we stay up to date on market trends, provide new growth opportunities and find the most cost-effective measures so your business benefits the most from your investments.

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