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Laptop battery replacement: Everything you need to know

One of the common questions laptop users ask is how to replace their battery and make it last longer. Laptops are great when it comes to carrying your computer along with you wherever you go. But it becomes a problem when the battery is weak.

Whether your laptop is window-based, Apple Mac Book Pro Mac Book Air, or Google Chromebook, the most important part of your laptop is the battery because that is what makes it easy to use anywhere. While you are away from home, the battery is what gives you a chance to use your
computer without depending on a power socket.

When your battery fails to charge or recharge, it is a sign of a failing or faulty battery, and buying a new battery makes sense. But a failing battery could also be an indication of problems with your motherboard, AC socket, or charger.

While most of the breakdowns can be easily fixed, some can be serious to the extent of damaging your computer and causing you to buy a new computer. So why do computers break?

Types of laptop batteries

There are two common types of laptop batteries commonly used today: lithium-polymer and lithium-ion. Both nickel-metal and nickel-cadmium laptop batteries have been phased out and are replaced by lithium-polymer and lithium-ion. These batteries also have their limitation but there are ways by which you can make them last longer.

Internal or External battery?

The cost of a laptop battery depends on whether it is the type that can be easily replaced or the one that is installed inside the computer. Anyone can easily remove and replace the external battery but you need to disassemble your computer to replace the internal battery.

If you use an Apple MacBook Air, MacBook Pro (Retina or Unibody), MacBook, or a compact, light-weight Windows notebook such as Ultrabook or 2-in-one convertible designs, replacing your battery can be a little complicated because these devices use an internal battery.

How to remove and replace your laptop battery?

If your laptop uses an external battery, you are in luck because you can easily remove and replace it. You will find two latches that lock the battery in place. Slide the latch to the opposite side and hold it in that position to remove the battery. If the manufacturer uses screws, you can easily remove them and replace them too.

If you use a laptop with an internal battery, you will have to remove a lot of screws and disassemble the computer housing or case to remove and replace the battery. However, you need to be careful with the connectors, cables, etc.

How much does a laptop battery cost?

Depending on the make, model, and age of your laptop, as well as the supplier’s location, laptop battery price varies. You can use some batteries for different models but if you are looking for a genuine battery, the cost can be a bit high and of course, it will be more reliable.

How to make your laptop battery last longer?

The first step to making your battery last longer is to buy a genuine battery. Aside from that, there are other ways to make your battery last longer. Although opinions differ, here are credible ways to make the battery last longer:

  • Never intentionally allow your battery to discharge completely
  • Use a partial discharge cycle of 20 to 85 percent.
  • If possible, remove the battery during prolonged AC power connection
  • Avoid extensive exposure to high-temperature
  • Always partially discharge and then recharge

Can I replace my laptop battery myself?

Yes. You can do it yourself, especially if your battery is external but be sure to order the correct battery for your laptop. But care needs to be taken when replacing an internal battery. If you need to replace your battery, give us a call.