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Symptoms that your laptop DC power jack might need repairing

One of the most important components of your laptop is the DC power jack. It allows you to charge your laptop by passing electricity through the adapter. Generally, the laptop DC power jack can become loose from daily use. This scenario is found generally in people who work online and have kids at home who uses your laptop. Even if you have pets in the house or work on an uneven surface. That’s why a lot of people recommend using your laptop on a flat surface so you don’t damage your DC jack. But there is no such problem that cannot be fixed. The real problem comes when people don’t know that their power jack needs repairing. Knowing the early signs is a good idea rather than totally damaging it.

Laptop DC power jack repairing symptoms:

In the case of the DC power jack lose or damaged your laptop will lose the power and after some time will automatically shut off. The real problem is when the cord gets bend while it’s plugged in the laptop. It can happen easily while you are working or even if your laptop is on charging. So, here are some symptoms that will help you out knowing that there might be time to check your DC plug.

  • Laptop power flickers get on and off:

With a good laptop and power jack, you will have a consistent power supply. But if you see your power flickers and the color on the charging port goes on and off then this might be the alarming situation that your DC power jack is damaging. It can even be the start but getting it repaired on early-stage will cost you less and you will never miss out on your work or deadlines.

Note: This situation can even cause a spark in some laptops so if you have a pet or kids at home and even for yourself, get this issue fixed as soon as possible by an expert.

  • The laptop battery won’t charge:

Now, comes the part when there is a great chance that the cord has bent and it needs repairing. So, how do you know that? Your laptop battery won’t get charge now and there will be a pop-up notification even on your laptop screen that there is not a steady power supply.

  • The DC power jack works on a specific angle:

It’s not news that most of us try specific angles whenever the charger doesn’t connect. But this situation tells you that your DC jack is not working now and you need professional help right away. Try to avoid putting pressure on the charging port because it will further increase the cost of repairing.

Whenever the laptop DC power jack isn’t working, you need a trustworthy and professional expert or company that you can find easily. Always rely on the best and get efficient and affordable results.