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Laptop Keyboard Repair

Laptop keyboard repair is one of the areas we say we can fix your device quickly. Often times when a laptop breaks, it is the keyboard that seems to suffer damage the fastest. There are a number of areas that a keyboard can suffer so much damage. The main one of these is water or another type of liquid that gets spilled. When this occurs, this leads to the keyboard being shorted out and not working any longer. This is one of the most common issues that a laptop owner will have in keeping their device from working properly. Another issue that often needs to be addressed is that of keys falling off or sticking. These keys falling off or sticking will keep a keyboard from working and can make it downright unusable. When you discover that you have one of these issues, you will need to take the device in and have the keyboard replaced. This will lead to you needing to look at the costs that are associated with fixing a bad keyboard. We work with all models, including, but not limited to Apple, Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba.

The price that you pay for your laptop keyboard to be replaced will be an important part of the process. Making sure that you don’t get overcharged will be something that you need to look at. Our service will not cost you an arm and a leg as we offer our services at a reasonable price. There are a few places out there that will charge you an exceedingly large amount of money to fix an issue as simple as a broken keyboard. Some places will charge an insane amount of money to simply look at your laptop keyboard issue. Then when it comes time to discuss the bill for the actual repair, you will get the run around as well as a number of different quotes as to what the actual price will be. Something as simple as a key that has fallen off should not cost a small fortune just to fix, that should be a simple fix that will cost very little. The other thing that has to be addressed is the amount of time that it will take to make the needed repairs. Some places will take their time and inconvenience you in terms of you getting your device back and getting your life back on track. Fast service is something that a lot of people will be looking for when it comes to their device repair. The faster a place is, then the better the chances are that they will choose to use that place. Your life does not go on hold when you are without your laptop and you should not be delayed in getting what you need to be done.

Why choose us to fix your computer?

  • We work with all models
  • Free on spot diagnostics and estimates;
  • Experienced, qualified, and reliable technicians;
  • Only original and certified parts
  • Affordable price and quality service


If your device is in need of repair, then we are the people that you need to visit. No matter what type of service you need for any device, we can fix almost any device. All our Laptop Repairs are done on-site. We offer fast service as well as affordable prices to fit almost any issue your laptop could experience. We specialize in same-day repairs and work with all makes and models.

123PCSolutions at 1150 NW 29 ST Miami, FL 33127. For fast laptop keyboard repair in Miami, FL, call 786.422.0705 or stop by today. We’ll be happy to repair your device fast so you can get back to normal in a flash.