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Laptop Screen Repair Allapattah

Laptop Screen Repair Allapattah

Since technology brands have been trying to produce sleek and lightweight gadgets, it has become more common to have a broken screen on both laptops and smartphones. At 123PCSolutions, we provide laptop screen repair in Allapattah 24/7. Get your laptop fixed utilizing the best service in town, no matter what brand your laptop is from, we can fix all kinds of problems from broken screens to installing and updating software. We will also provide a rough estimate on the spot so that you know how much the services will cost.


We provide the fastest services if you need your laptop fixed soon reach out to us for the following services:

  1. Screen repair and replacement
  2. LCD repair
  3. Getting rid of viruses and malware
  4. Installing new and updated software
  5. Battery issues
  6. Keyboard Replacement and repair
  7. Data recovery from hard drive
  8. Fixing faulty track-pad and more


Out of all the services, we provide the best laptop Screen Repair Allapattah, so if you have a damaged or broken screen or LCD, we will be really happy to serve you with the best. Sometimes you cannot identify what went wrong; our qualified technicians can help you in identifying and fixing problems on your laptop. Sometimes technicians take advantage of the little knowledge you have and will charge you more for a little job, and we will provide credible and genuine services at affordable rates.

Whether your laptop’s screen is cracked or the display is flickering or has distorted colors, our technicians observe your laptop and will see whether the screen can be repaired or it needs to be replaced. If your laptop’s software is malfunctioning or is impaired due to viruses and malware, experts at 123PCSolutions will repair the software and also help you retrieve the data that has been lost.

What impairs a laptop’s functions?

  • When a laptop is accidentally dropped
  • When great pressure is applied on the laptop
  • When the laptop has a weak processor, and there is a lot of load on it.
  • When you spill something on the keyboard or any other part
  • Damaged motherboard

There can be a variety of other things that can cause the laptop or its screen to malfunction.

Why choose 123PCSolutions?

  1. We provide a 24/7 service. You can get an appointment irrespective of weekdays or weekends. We aim to be there for our customers at their hour of need.
  2. Most importantly, we provide services for all kinds of laptops, whether it is a MacBook, an HP laptop, Dell laptop, or any other brand.
  3. It is really easy to reach us, and we are just a click or phone call away.
  4. We hire the best-skilled technicians, and they will provide efficient and tailored services for your laptop.
  5. 123PCSolutions serve according to your schedule, and your laptop will be repaired in time for your big presentation.
  6. Our laptop Screen Repair Allapattah service will have better rates for whatever service you need.
  7. Our expert technicians will go above and beyond to return your laptop in optimum condition.