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Laptop Screen Repair Brickell

Laptop Screen Repair Brickell

The Internet has taken over the world, and we are dependent upon the internet for most of the things we do daily. For the use of the internet we require gadgets, laptops are one of those gadgets that are used mainly for official and academic purposes. Quite often, we encounter a broken laptop screen, surviving a day without your laptop at work or in college might seem impossible.

123PCSolutions can take away all your worries, as we provide the best laptop screen repair, Brickell service. Our fast service provides you with reliable and expert technicians to solve any problem your laptop may have, from screen repairs to boot-up problems, and we provide the best service all over Brickell.

What causes issues on laptops?

Gadgets like laptops need to be maintained their physical condition, i.e., hardware and the software as well. Even if you take care of your laptop mishaps happen, mistakes like

  1. Dropping your laptop accidentally while you had a lot to carry, or
  2. Laptop fell because the cord of the charger got stuck in something,
  3. Software failure, etc.

All of these issues cannot be avoided as sometimes, you need to take immediate action. 123PCSolutions provide you with all kinds of solutions and laptop screen repair Brickell as well. So, if you had a mishap or were a little careless with your laptop, you don’t need to worry because we have your back.


  • Screen repair: As people quite often encounter a broken screen, hence, the most basic service we provide is the laptop screen repair in Brickell. Whether there is a crack in the screen or the colors got distorted after an accident, regardless of brand, we can fix it for you.
  • Boot-up problems: Technology fails you sometimes when software malfunctions due to a virus, the processor heats up, or software may not be updated, etc. Our expert technician can solve any boot-up problems that you’re facing and can help in getting rid of viruses and malware.
  • Installing new software: If your laptop needs new software installed or it needs an update, we can be of help and can get your laptop set up to be customized just for you.
  • Graphic repair: Our laptop repair screen in Brickell services will help you solve all graphic and display problems of your laptop.
  • Replacement: We can replace or fix problems with your laptop’s battery, keyboard, and hard drive.


Why choose us?

Expert technicians

We at 123PCSolutions hire the best technicians that can deal with your device using their expert-level skills and experience. We acknowledge that each device and brand needs special attention, and our technicians provide everything that your gadgets need to be repaired and function in an optimum way.