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Laptop Screen Repair Services

Do you have a cracked screen on your laptop?

Laptop Screen Repair Services

At 123PCSolutions we will fix any problems relating to your broken screen on your laptop. Macbooks and Touchscreens prices vary.

When your screen is broken it can show many different symptoms such as:

    • Cracked LCD

    • Broken Glass

    • Lines in LCD

    • Black Screen

    • No Image

    • Green Lines

    • Flash Screen

    • Blue Screen

    • White Screen

    • Brocken Hinges

We repair all brands including:








Bring your broken laptop into our repair shop and we’ll be glad to help fix your problems, which are typically fixed within a few business days and for much less than a new computer.

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Repair your damaged laptop screen at the best price, in case of a dead screen, we suggest you for the new one. Also, we can replace your laptop screen on the same day of service after the part arrives. If the laptop screen is cracked, or it is broken, then no use in repairing the damaged laptop screen, you should replace it with a new laptop screen. Replacing a new laptop screen depends on how much the screen got damaged.

Our professionals are highly qualified to assist customers by handling laptop LCD repair work to ensure minimum downtime. We are specialists in fixing all sorts of problems with LCD failures at reasonable charges. Our company offers below mentioned LCD reworking services:


  • Â Liquid spilled onto LCD, we can also bring back new working conditions.
  • Â LCD Broken conditions always demand only replacements.
  • Â Dim or dark display or black LCD and tinted LCD red color.
  • Â Intermittent and completely dead component failures.
  • Â Damage to the front of the display or dim LCD display.
  • Â Missing individual lines on a display driver.