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Laptop Screen RepairWhat to do when your laptop has a broken screen and need a laptop screen repair?  Because a laptop is a compact computer device, when there is even one broken part, it seems like the entire device useless, doesn’t it?  If at any time your laptop screen breaks, there are some options available like fixing the screen, connecting to an external monitor or even buying a new laptop.  If you need to talk to an experienced computer technician, feel free to contact us at 123 PC Solutions.

If you happen to have an external monitor available to you, you can probably attach the external monitor to your laptop to buy your time before having your laptop screen repair done or replace the entire laptop.

Laptop Screen Repair by 123 PC Solutions

It is possible to take care of the laptop screen repair yourself, but if you are unsure about it, just contact a professional computer technician for assistance.  If fixing it yourself, you do want to make sure you follow the laptop manual beforehand and take your time if you fix it yourself.

Before removing anything make sure to take note of the model number on the back of the screen and research online to make sure you can find the screen before thinking about removing it.  If you remove the laptop display on your own, be careful!  Of course, we do advise having a professional computer technician to remove it to avoid damaging it.  You don’t want to break anything during the process of removing it.  Make sure to take note of every step and take your time.  Keep note of everything you are doing, will help you back track or put it back together once it is repaired.

You can research online to find out where to find the replacement part.  Make sure before purchasing any replacement part that there is a refund policy and a warranty in place.  You certainly don’t want to purchase a new screen to find out you can’t return it for whatever reason.

Laptop Screen Repair & Laptop Repair

While a laptop screen repair doesn’t have to be a difficult process for anyone to accomplish on their own, many people find they would rather just have an experienced computer technician fix it for them.  Our Miami computer repair professionals are competent of getting your laptop functioning properly again!  Just give one of our computer repair professionals at 123 PC Solutions a call at (786) 422-0705 or visit us at:  You will be so glad you did!