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Laptop Water Damage Repair

Laptop Water Damage RepairNothing beats a dip in the pool or a refreshing glass of iced tea in the summer time. Well, unless you’re a computer. Water and spill damage is a common problem we see here at 123PCSolutions, whether it’s someone leaving their laptop out in the rain, knocking over a glass of champagne on the keyboard, or having your kid treat your laptop as if it’s his sandbox.

From soda spills to ocean water, we’ve seen it all. Our technicians will take a look at the liquid damage to your laptop and give you a free quote to get it back up and running like new. And if we can’t fix it, you won’t pay!

Laptop Water Damage Repair in Miami

If you do spill something on your laptop, the main thing to do is not to panic. Unplug your laptop, pull out your battery, and flip the laptop over so that the liquid drips OUT of your water damaged laptop and not IN to it where it can damage internal electrical components.

Leave it open and upside down to dry for 24 hours, then bring it in to 123PCSolutions where we’ll check all components, clean up any internal spills and get it running like new. Resist the curious urge to turn it on and see if it still works because if it’s not completely dry inside, you’ll only be making sure it never works again.

Laptop Water Damage Repair – Even if the damage is too extensive to completely fix, we can almost always pull any personal files and information off your hard drive so the most valuable part of your laptop, your data, is safe.