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Miami Computer Technician At 123PCSolutions

Miami Computer TechnicianOur goal at Miami Computer Technician is to provide you with the greatest service experience ever. Miami Computer Technician and great service or all terms describe that embody company’s motto.

Our certified techs have been in the computer repair industry for many years. We have maintained an excellent customer service record throughout the life of this company.

Not only do we have some of the best and most knowledgeable techs in Atlanta, but we also require continued education to ensure that they all keep up with the constant changes in technology.

We provide solutions for every computer repair related issue that you could ever have. We do it all. Everything from simple computer setup to complex network configurations.

There is no job too big or too small of us. We offer a full range of IT services. Virus removal, Hardware replacement, Upgrades, Software installs, network setup, consulting, general maintenance, data recovery and anything else related to computers.

One issue that is often not recognized by our clients are viruses. There are some viruses that cause your computer to do weird things that anyone can diagnose as a virus. However, viruses and other forms of malware have become so complex that many times they go undetected by your virus protection.

We specialize in detecting and removing even the most stubborn viruses and malware. We use a technique that consists of manually removing viruses versus using software to do it. Manually removing takes a little more time and is more detailed but we ensure that your virus doesn’t stand a chance of recreating itself as some do.

Hardware replacement is a pretty common occurrence in the computer repair industry. Over time computer parts wear out just like anything else that has moving parts and electrical circuitry. Hard drives either a short circuit or their motors burn out.

Sometimes this can be fixed and sometimes the situation calls for a replacement. Either way, our techs are prepared to handle the issue. We do software and hardware upgrades.

We often see businesses and residential customers that don’t understand the importance of keeping their computer up to date. Microsoft recently stopped supporting Windows XP and it caused lots of headaches for many people that were still on that operating system.

It affected everything from point of sale software to video surveillance systems. Lucky all that it took was a software upgrade to get them back on track. Sometimes it takes hardware upgrades to meet the minimum system requirements of certain programs. Those are just to of the 100’s of reasons and components that you may now or in the future need to upgrade.

Miami Computer Technician is not just a computer repair company but we also supply the parts and software for your computers and networks. Network issues can bring a businesses operation to a halt and hinder the lives of everyday people.

We know how important it can be for everyone to access the internet and even share files so our network team works fast and efficiently to restore any network outages that might arise.