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Miami Computer TechnologyEventually computers need to be upgraded or replaced to work with the latest technology.  Of course, we all would like to obtain the newest and fastest computer found on the market, but that isn’t always an option for many people.  So, what can you do with your out-of-date computer that can help you stay up-to-date with today’s needs?  Fortunately, with the most ideal hardware upgrades, it can drastically improve your computer’s overall performance.  To find out how you can better improve your computer and to learn if upgrading your computer to the newest computer technologies, consult with a Miami computer technology professional at 123 PC Solutions.

Before deciding to get a hardware upgrade, make certain you really have a hardware problem impacting how you use your computer.  There are some basic things you can do first to see if your computer’s overall performance enhances.

– Uninstall any pointless software that is sitting on your computer that you never use.

– Either remove or have removed any viruses, spyware, and any other malware.

– Defragment your hard drive.

RAM – To notice the best performance, increasing the amount of RAM in an older computer is a recommended upgrade.  If your computer slows down often, you probably can benefit from adding more RAM to your computer.

Graphics Card – An upgrade of the graphics card may enhance your overall performance because graphics processing does use RAM.  If you do a lot of work with a digital video, you can most likely benefit from adding more RAM and/or changing to a dedicated graphics card.

Hard Drive – If notice your computer is running out of storage space, you can upgrade to an even bigger hard drive with additional storage capacity or upgrading to a faster hard drive.

Upgrading to a DVD – Upgrading from a CD drive to a DVD drive enables you to benefit from the increased capacity of DVDs over CDs.  The added capacity of DVDs makes copying files or backing up so much easier and much less frustrating.

Processor – A faster processor can enable your computer to run much faster.  It is important to keep in mind that performance upgrades with a faster processor may be insignificant without adequate RAM.

If you feel your computer is out of date and is not performing, don’t get stressed out!  Our Miami computer technology professionals are skilled with the most updated computer technology and can get your computer functioning much better!  Just give one of our computer technology professionals at 123 PC Solutions a call at (786) 422-0705 or visit us at:  You will be so happy you did!