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Miami Laptop Repairs – Regardless of hocomputer-repair-2w careful we try to be with our laptops, it’s unavoidable that sooner or later our laptops might get dropped or even spilled on.  Sometimes those little laptop repairs we may feel we are able to do on our own, but it might be a wise decision to let a Miami laptop repair professional at 123 PC Solutions take a look at it and repair it if needed.  Because of how complex technology is these days, sometimes it is just best not to mess with a laptop yourself.

Various repair services typically involve any one of these issues; screen repair, hard drive, data recovery, virus removal, motherboard, and hardware.  Some minor laptop repairs, you may feel you can do yourself, but we do recommend having one of our Miami laptop repair professionals look it over and fix it to avoid other issues.

One of the most common laptop issues is the laptop cord and connector because they can take a beating when being plugged in and unplugged repeatedly, which may end up leading to a frayed power cord.  If this occurs, it’s crucial to get a new cord or even have it fix it immediately.  It is because a damaged power cord is a fire hazard, or it could even damage the system’s battery through intermittent charging.

Fortunately, most power adapters have removable AC power cords, which cost a few dollars and can be found in stores that sell electronics.  However, if the connector that plugs into the computer is the issue, it can be a bit pricey to replace simply because you would need to find the exact AC adapter for your laptop.

A cracked notebook case is another common, but easy repair.  When a laptop gets dropped, more frequently than not, it will usually land on its corner, which happens to be one of the most fragile parts of the case and usually the corner gets cracked or even breaks off.

Finally, a rather noisy or even a broken cooling fan is not only bothersome but won’t bring a sufficient amount of cooling air into the case, which most likely will cause the laptop to overheat and damage the electronics on the inside. Before finding out if the fan needs to be replaced, it may just be the fan being plugged with dust particles, debris or dirt; you can clean it and see if that was the problem.

If something is the wrong laptop, don’t panic!  Our Miami laptop repairs professionals will be able to get your laptop functioning again!  Just give one of our computer repair professionals at 123 PC Solutions a phone call: (786) 422-0705 or visit us at  You will be so glad you did!