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Miami laptop screen repairs – Laptop Screen Replacement Miami

Miami Laptop Screen RepairMiami Laptop Screen Repairs – Laptop screen replacement needed? Ipad screen repair needed? Worried about the lines or the crack on your screen? Well, relax; you have reached one of the best places for laptop screen repair. 123PCSolutions is a computer repair and maintenance service providers based in Miami, Florida.

We are capable of handling all problems related to laptops and notebooks and specialize in laptop screen repair. We offer screen replacement service on most brands and models of laptops available in the market.
123PCSolutions – Miami Laptop Screen Repair is a laptop screen replacement specialist for Apple, Sony, Acer, Compaq, Dell, Toshiba, Asus, Panasonic, Siemens, HP, Gateway, Fujitsu, Lenovo, NEC, Alienware, and IBM. We have vast experience in dealing with screen replacement of the different makes and models of the above-mentioned brands. Our mission is to be the most competitively-priced and service-oriented laptop screen replacement facility in Miami.

For full details and any questions about our Laptop Screen Replacement service please call our store: (786) 422-0705. Miami Laptop Screen Replacement. Screens LED and LCD in stock. Fast Laptop screen repair.

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When the consumer has a cracked screen, a DIY repair is possible with a few items, including a screwdriver, a plastic spudger, and a replacement LCD panel. Consumers can locate the broken display’s manufacturer label and model number after dismantling the screen. To begin, consumers should remove the cushions around the edge of the screen to access the screws beneath them. After consumers remove the cushions and the screws, they can then run the plastic spudger down the sides of the monitor to pop off the bezel and access the LCD panel.

Tips if you want to do it yourself, which do not recommend it..

Miami Laptop Screen Repair – Once the LCD screen is accessible, consumers should remove any additional screws holding the panel in place, and take note of the model number so they can order a replacement panel that fits. It is important to disconnect the LCD panel from its cable before removing the cracked one. The new LCD panel should plug into this cable, rest into the monitor space just as the previous one, and then secure into place by tightening the inside screws. After securing the new LCD to the monitor’s interior, owners should turn the Asus laptop back on and give it a test run. The test run should occur before reattaching the bezel in case the connection cable needs adjusting. If the laptop runs well and there are no issues with the new display, consumers should pop the bezel back on, replace the outside screws, and replace the cushions to finish this repair.