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LCD Screen Repairs – Miami Screen Repairs

Laptops are great to havelcd-screen-repair until the screen breaks, which ends up making them completely useless, right?  What makes it worse is if working on something or needing to do something on your laptop and find that there is something wrong with the LCD screen.  You may be able to figure out if your LCD screen is having an issue with the most common issues listed below.  At 123 PC Solutions, our Miami LCD screen repair professionals will be able to evaluate your laptop and determine if it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

One of the following may apply for a broken, damaged or failed LCD screen:

  • Obvious physical damage to the display – LCD screen will more than likely need to be replaced.
  • Screen stays on and randomly turns off on its own – It might be a problem with the inverter or backlight.  The backlight typically flickers or gives an orange or pink hue to the screen instead of a solid white.  On the other hand, if the display just turns off without having any warning, the inverter may very well be the issue.
  • Noticeable vertical or horizontal lines on the screen – It can possibly mean a damaged ribbon cable, bad communication among the LCD and motherboard, bad video card, or perhaps need a new LCD screen.
  • The screen is dim – If the images are barely visible, you may need a new backlight.
  • Screen with random dots – Random dots of color are dead pixels, which is a color stuck and the LCD screen needs to be replaced.
  • The screen is blank – If you have a blank screen or a black screen, try connecting an external monitor to the laptop to see if anything will display.  Doing this will instantly let you know if the LCD screen is no longer functional.  If the screen does work it can possibly be something that failed within the computer for instance; the CPU, memory, motherboard, or even the video card.  More than likely, if the screen is blank and an external monitor shows a display, there might be a board-level failure and it’s likely the LCD screen needs to be replaced.
  • Screen booted with manufacturer’s display or cursor showing – When the computer is booted, you may see the manufacturer display and then the screen goes to a blank black screen or maybe shows a flashing cursor.  Most likely it isn’t a bad LCD screen by any means, but more likely a hard drive failure.

If something is wrong with your LCD screen, don’t panic!  Our Miami LCD screen repair professionals will be able to get your laptop working again!  Just give one of our computer repair professionals at 123 PC Solutions a call: 786-422-0705 or visit us at