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virus removalIf your computer system seems to be running slower than normal, it may be possibly a warning sign of a virus, but can possibly even be program overload, too.  There are some common indicators that can alert you that there may possibly be a virus within your computer.  At 123 PC Solutions, our Miami virus removal professionals will be able to evaluate your computer and take care of the virus removal quickly and as safely as possible.

  1. Hard Drive Issues – If you are having hardware issues like your CD-ROM, computer or printer is acting up without the use of a keyboard or mouse.  Computers do will not run by itself without someone operating it.
  1. No Response – When experiencing the computer not responding at all when the mouse is moved or the keyboard isn’t doing anything you may start to panic either thinking the computer just locked up or there might be a virus.
  1. Computer Running Slow – If you observe that particular actions take considerably longer than usual, there might be a virus.
  1. Slow Start Up – When booting up your computer and it slowly starts up or just sits there.
  1. Computer Crashes –When your computer crashes automatically, and after the computer restarts, it may not run normal. Now, if the computer self-restarts regularly, even every few minutes – watch out for a potential virus.
  1. Files Missing – If applications on your computer are not working properly or there are files missing, there may be a potential virus.  If you notice some of your files are missing, there is a chance that important system files might be missing too.
  1. Disk Drive Issues – If you get a message saying that disks or disk drives are not accessible, it may mean there is a virus. You may also notice that when you go to My Computer, some or all of your drives are missing.
  1. Extra Files – If you start noticing extra programs, files or pop ups, there is a really good chance you may have a virus.  You may be more likely to notice additional files at start up.
  1. Printer Issues – If documents are not printing properly or not at all, there may be a virus.  You can perform some basic printer troubleshooting to check to see if it is a printer issue or not.
  1. Strange Messages – If you notice weird messages that you haven’t seen before like unwanted ad messages or other messages, there might be a virus.  It might be a trick to make you think you are at risk when you might not be.

If something is wrong with your computer, don’t panic!  Our Miami virus removal; professionals will be able to get your computer running smoothly again by identifying and removing any viruses!  Just give one of our Miami virus removal professionals at 123 PC Solutions a quick call at: 786-245-5083 or visit us online at: