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Motherboard Repair at 123 PC Solutions

Motherboard Repair1. Check connection which will connect the VGA cable from the monitor.
2. Try another monitor.
3. Try another keyboard (sometimes occurs when this defective lock PC)
4. Disconnect additional components to video, such as: Hard, Drive, CD-ROM, data bus Additional Cards (Audio, Graphic, Modem, etc.), Front USB cables, LED buttons, power and reset. That is just left the Board, RAM, voltage source processor, extractors and Speaker – beep Board.
5. Try again by bridge where it says PWR (Where is connected button).
6. Change the RAM slot.
7. Change RAM.
8. Reset the Bios for 30 minutes: we bridge (jumper) near where the battery that says something like CLR (short for clear-delete), CMOS, or CLRCMOS going.
9. Blow with Blower inside the CPU and additionally use a brush to clean the Board.
10. Review inflated capacitors and change if damaged.
11. Replace battery.
12. Change voltage source (Sometimes the voltage is not correct or accurate and leads to breakdowns of the Board).
13. Revise good contact the processor (change thermal gel).
14. Clean the contacts with isopropyl slots.
15. Remove Board Card and electronic processor to perform well flushed with thinner and soft brush, then clean contacts with isopropyl slots again.
16. Remove the card and processor Board for technical fat starts washing with soap used to wash dishes (use the brand in Colombia Action) most abundant pressurized water and soft brush, then place two days the sun preventing it from getting wet with rain (produce large corrosion), clean the contacts with isopropyl slot again.

Motherboard Repair can be a difficult job for non tech users

TOOLS THAT ARE: Soldering, Heat, Lupa, Multimeter, Soldering, Ultrasonic Washer, Tiner, isopropyl alcohol, soft bristle brushes, watchmaker tweezers, long point, press, screwdrivers, Blower (Blower), brushes, soap station starts fat. If I need any further I commented to acquire it.