Should I buy a new computer or upgrade my own for the Holidays?

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Impulse buying is not good for anybody. You should have a set of parameters in deciding if a new computer is a right way to go. This applies to PC upgrades and Mac upgrades.

Here are the set of rules in figuring out if that brand new laptop, desktop, or tablet is a validated, reasonable purchase:

Rule #1: Is your computer old as dirt?

If your computer is 6+ years old, well, it should be time to have it kick the curb. The exception to this is if you’ve already breathed new life in it with upgrades, such as a solid-state drive or RAM. If so, then it’s a judgment call. Is your system running smoothly with the upgrades? If so, then buying a new one is really just a luxury then.

Rule #2: Is your computer maxed out? Can it be upgraded?

maxed out macbook

On this one, see Rule #1. If your computer is relatively new or within 1-5 years old let’s say if you can upgrade it, go for it. Why not save a few bucks.

Rule #3: Review the cost-benefit analysis.

computer upgrades cost benefit

If it costs 50% or more of a new computer to get your current system up to par with the performance you need, then, you should opt to buy a new computer. But, if the cost is less than 50% which should last another 2-3 years and more, then, it makes sense to just upgrade your own laptop or desktop. Upgrades may include solid-state drives, RAM, video cards, and processors.

Rule #4: Sick of your computer?

Bored of computer

Psychology 101 plays into this one. Just need a change? Feeling bored? I’m no doctor, but if the winter blues or otherwise is setting in, it sounds like it’s time to buy a new computer. Yes, have a surge of shopping endorphins is fleeting, but it still feels good.