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123PCSolutions is a premier provider of information technology services to small businesses with emphasis for the highest level of customer satisfaction.  

123PCSolutions understands the importance of IT to a business that’s why we are driven to help you navigate the myriads of technologies and find the most suitable, cost-driven solutions for your business.

Our mission is to help our customers understand the important role of how IT can transform their business into a successful enterprise. Leave the tasks of managing your IT infrastructure to us so you can concentrate on doing what you do best for your business.

Since 2005, as Professional IT Consultants, we have helped several businesses plan, deploy, and manage their business IT infrastructures that are compliant to industry standards. We have certified IT professionals encompassing the areas of Networking, Security, Database and Cloud computing with various industry specific technology certification. We can offer your business turn-key solutions to minimize business disruption and accelerate deployment.

How can we help with your IT needs?

As expert Professional IT consultants, we know what it takes to run a reliable, secure and flexible IT infrastructure that will support your business operations today and in the future. We can help with your business IT systems through our structured services such as:
  •   Planning and Design of your IT infrastructure.
  •   Deploy and Manage your IT infrastructure.
  •   Provide 24/7 HelpDesk IT Support.
  •   Provide IT Consulting on various technologies suited to your business.
  •   Help your business become industry standard compliant.
  •   Help your business maximize efficiency and minizime IT waste.


Call us today at 786.422.0705 so we can start assisting your IT department to be more agile, reliable and secure.