Small Businesses Should Deploy MDM Solutions. Here’s Why!

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Large-scale companies can afford to implement enterprise Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions quite easily.

In fact, they can’t do without it.

With so many employees using mobile devices that are connected to sources of sensitive corporate information, there needs to be some way to keep a track of data-flow within the organization.

But what about companies like yours that aren’t large enough to be able to afford and implement enterprise MDM solutions?

Without means to integrate the control of mobile devices, how can such companies protect their data?

The good news is that if you’re a small business, then you can contact 123pcsolutions to talk more about the MDM solutions they offer.

However, in case you’re still wondering, “How can MDM solutions help me and why should I opt for it?”, read on…

Why MDM for Small Businesses?

Maintaining data on other people’s smartphones feels like a tall and expensive order, but it’s not.

There are MDM solutions for small businesses that increase the security of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) without weighing too much on the bank.

Current smartphones are fairly secure to begin with.

A major goal of MDM is to secure those smartphones, mostly by trying to override the weakest link in the security – the end user.

Small businesses can begin by taking advantage of MDM features that automatically apply software updates, establish lock settings and safe passwords, and restrict application store choices to trusted in-stores.

However, security isn’t the only reason to adopt MDM solutions, another is saving time!

Some other features of MDM include email, Wi-Fi and VPN settings being automatically updated on enrolled smartphones, reducing aggravation and uncertainty for BYOD users.

When the system environment in any business changes, those configuration changes get pushed to the respective devices.

The end result is a happy user community, including lesser panic calls if someone didn’t get the memo on a configuration change.Choosing and Deploying MDM Solutions for Small Businesses

Small businesses intrigued in adopting MDM solutions should be thinking along the path of four major criteria as below.

  1. Price
  2. Management Model
  3. Features
  4. Platform Oriented

Let’s take a look at each one in detail.

4 Major Factors to Consider When Choosing MDM Solutions

1. Price

Given that small businesses are bound by a budget, implementing basic MDM definitely won’t be expensive.

Many products are priced per month, per user and IT managers can easily find excellent choices at a lower cost.

Some offer a ‘lite’ or trial version for free to acquaint you with the system.

If you’re purchasing an existing product, you can opt for a minimal MDM solution at no extra charge.

Basically, the larger the feature set, more expensive the package will be.

But 123pcsolutions comes with a reasonable price tag and delivers optimum value at incredible prices.

2. Management Model

It is better to deploy cloud-delivered MDM solutions.

It doesn’t matter how simple an on-premise solution is – there’s virtually nothing a business gains from running MDM solutions on their own servers.

The only exception is the Active Directory (AD) integration, which is a critical element of BYOD – considered rare for small businesses.

However, if AD integration is essentially required, then it’s usually easier to do it on an on-premise solution rather than try to link your AD to a cloud-based service.

4. Platform Oriented

It is obvious that whatever MDM solution you choose needs to support your users’ devices, but there may be constraints.

That said, most products work on two main operating systems – Android and iOS.

Hence, small businesses that use Windows phone or Blackberry devices usually have limited options with higher prices.

So, it’s always better to get an idea of the devices people are using in your organization before choosing any MDM solution for your business.

Another platform to look out for is enrollment – what is used to download the MDM tool to the client’s smartphone?

Many products have different ways that allow remote and self-service enrollment.

IT managers should make sure that enrollment shouldn’t be a burden or logistical foxhunt for the users.

Cloud-based MDM solutions allow small businesses to gain security without complexity or extra expenses.

Spend now to save later’!

This is the principle on which MDM solutions work and 123pcsolutions believes in it the most.

Delivering the best support for smartphones and tablets is the main aim of 123pcsolutions.

Contact us today for great deals and to know how we can help you choose the best MDM solution for your organization.