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Technology plays a significant role in the smooth functioning of any business.

Almost no tasks are possible without hardware and software, thus making IT an integral part of business management.

This brings us to the main matter of concern — major and most common computer issues faced by all companies.

These issues include computer blackouts, computers running slow, recurrent system restarting, website security issues, unending pop ups on screen, inability to open attachments, and slow internet speed, to name a few.

The fastest way to deal with these issues and more is by having an IT Help Desk.

IT Help Desk

5 Common Computer Issues That can be Solved by 123PCSolutions Help Desk

Every one using a computer is bound to face some issue or the other.

These computer issues call for IT support, as it could get frustrating for individuals who are not technically sound to solve these issues or even figure out the root cause.

“Call the help desk!” is often heard in every workplace almost every other day.

IT and computer-related support is generally sought from the help desk. We have professionals here to fix several issues, both big and small.

An issue that might seem like a cakewalk to an IT professional, might just be the biggest nightmare to others.

Therefore, having an IT support team to rely on is comforting and in exaggerated terms, lifesaving!

Here are some of the most common help desk problems that 123PCSolutions can help you overcome.

1 – Slow Computer Speed

Imagine having an urgent client delivery and rushing to get things done, but having to deal with a slow computer instead.

You wish you could smack your system, asking it to wake up and run fast, wouldn’t you?

In reality, everyone’s been there, done that!

Why does this occur?

There surely is a catch to a slow computer, and it could be opening multiple tabs, Windows caching too much RAM, or working on several tasks at once.

If these are the culprits for your slowdown, then solving it wouldn’t be much of a hassle.

How to solve it?

Contacting one of our helpdesk technicians via a quick chat, then they will log into your computer and begin clearing all your cache, closing all your tabs, and even restarting your computer.

However, if the slowdown isn’t solved then be sure the issue is graver than that.

Your system could be infected by a malware, which you certainly shouldn’t neglect, this is when you’re in good hands knowing you have “IT Professional” working with you to resolve this issue.

Our Helpdesk team members will look to resolve the issue by scanning your system to check for viruses, further resolving them appropriately.

2. Blue Screen of Death

Computer blackouts, representing a blue screen, is one of the most common of all issues requiring IT support.

This blue screen of death indicates that your system is no longer safe to function.

Why does this occur?

Your system may have experienced an error, also known as a fatal system crash.

This is when your system is no longer in a condition to operate safely.

Hence, stopping all activities is all your computer can do.

How to solve it?

The solution may be pretty simple.

Try switching off your system for a few minutes and turning it on right after. This may work for you in the short term.

You might face recurrent Blue Screen of Death or what we call BSOD instances again.

If this happens, you’ll need to get to the root of the issue for which you will need to call in our Helpdesk for IT support.

3. E-mail Attachments

E-mails are the most preferred mode of business communication.

You send emails so that you can share documents and important information with your clients and colleagues.

More often than not, sending attachments is not an issue as much as receiving them are.

Attachments not opening despite being successfully downloaded is a real bummer, especially when you need to make a call on that new business proposal.

Unable to open attachments?

Here’s something to know…

Why does this occur?

This would most likely occur if software on your system is incompatible with the file or your system lacks the software required to open.

Figuring out the software you need to install to open the attachment is a no brainer.

How to solve it?

All you need to do is look for the file extension in the attached file name.

Solving this issue on your own is super easy. As the extension gives you a hint about the software you require.

Look for a suitable software online and install it on your system.

However, in case you still face an issue, either with opening the installed software or anything else, you could call the help desk.

They know what to do best in such cases – check your system and install the software the right way in case something went wrong there.

4. Recurrent Restarting of your System 

Imagine you’re in the middle of a project, you’re creating some great content or designing something and your system restarts briefly.

You wouldn’t lose out on most of your data, thanks to the autosave on Microsoft Office.

However, imagine you’re in the middle of filling an online form or making an online transaction that was already so painstaking.

And your computer restarts…efforts down the drain!

Why does this occur?

This generally occurs due to hardware failure.

The problem could lie in your RAM, hard drive, power supply, or graphic card.

Your system may also require deep cleaning from dust and debris.

How to solve it? 

Check to see if your Windows is installing updates, as that could be a common cause of a reboot.

Your safe bet, here would be calling our helpdesk for IT support. They’ll ensure all your system drivers are up to date.

Furthermore, dysfunctional computer fan could cause your system to overheat, thus, shutting it down.

An IT professional will also run your antivirus program, as viruses could be a major cause of a reboot.

5. Slow Internet Speed

It is infuriating indeed to have paid a high-speed internet connectivity, but have results as slow as a snail!

Does your slow internet speed bother you?

Why does this occur?

This issue could stem from a virus or could be the cause of spyware.

These are the most common causes that are seriously hard to get rid of and find an instant solution for.

Your system can be prey to such viruses by visiting untrusted websites or those that may cause damage to your system.

How to solve it?

You could take precautions by having an antivirus software installed on your system to give you warnings of untrusted sites.

However, if you accidentally visited such sites or did so before installing anti-virus then, the help you need is serious and urgent.

You should call our helpdesk for IT support as they would scan your system to check for any malicious software and take further steps depending on the severity of the condition.

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