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Techbar Miami center can help recover your precious data from Windows-based computer and MAC system also.

Data recovery is the process of retrieving computer data that has become inaccessible for any number of reasons, which is stored in the hard drive, the problem could be due to hard drive failure.

A hard drive is the primary data storage media that consist of a number of moving components. These moving components are controlled by the power input by the electronic circuitry of a hard drive.

Read/write head crash is one reason among many reasons of hard drive failure which is judged as the most common one. Hard drive head crash directly threatens the existence of your data on disk platters because it is a possibility that platter surface of your hard drive may get scratched due to a head crash. In this situation, our data recovery Techbar Miami shop can help you to recover data from your failed hard drive.

Read/write head is a very important part of a hard drive that is used to read and write data on the disk platters. Head senses the magnetization of the magnetic material when the disk platter starts to rotate and operates just above from the hard drive platter surface. The magnetization can also be modified by a head.

     Hard drive head crash may occur due to power outages, manufacturing defects, dust particles on the platter, excessive heat inside and due to accidental drop down of the hard drive. In case of the head crash or data loss situations which occur due to this type of failure, you should select a reliable and experienced data recovery Techbar Miami service that has highly skilled and professional people who would help you in retrieving your critical data.

Data loss can also occur due to a failing of hard drive spindle motors. A spindle motor is a significant internal component of the computer hard drive that is responsible for moving disk platters through a drive shaft. The basic structure of the computer includes a set of platters mounted over a shaft and spindle motor.

In the work of an hour, it provides a consistent movement, power failure or accidental drop down of a hard drive can damage the spindle motor which can cause data loss and you might not be able to access your data again.


Consider a situation, you power on your computer and your computer is not able to boot up because a hard drive is not spinning anymore. This problem might occur due to hard drive spindle motor failure. The hard drive platter will not rotate and thus the read/write heads cannot access data from them.

The hard drive spindle motor may get damaged due to a number of reasons that are power failures, power break down, fluid dynamic bearing break down, spindle motor power failure, shock, and vibration.

BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is the boot firmware designed to execute the first code on your computer when it is turned on. Sometimes when you start your computer, the BIOS fails to detect some of your hardware components thus they become unavailable which causes data loss.

Such behavior takes place if a drive is damaged. In such situations, you should not try to recover data because it can increase the amount of data loss. This loss of data may be permanent that’s why it is the most dangerous situation to encounter in term of data loss.

Give us a call and a technician from our data recovery Techbar Miami center will be helping you out from this situation in a matter of hours.

However, there is a large amount of data recovery software available in the market for data recovery in Techbar Miami service, and there are a lot of companies which offers you a very professional treatment to your data loss problem.


Our Data recovery Techbar Miami center can help you get your data back.

Data recovery service in Techbar Miami is available 24/7,  7 days a week by calling our direct no 786.422.0705. A technician will analyze your case and a preliminary quote will be issued by the phone. If your case it’s more complex, then we will schedule an appointment and the technician will come by your house and do a local troubleshoot there, then he will give you the invoice and pick up your laptop/desktop/ external HDD.

In the same day we will call you back with the final quote, and you will have the option to accept or deny our service.  If you will go ahead and accept our quote the pick-up, delivery, troubleshooting, and data recovery will be included in our price. If you think that the data it’s not worth recovering, then data recovery Techbar Miami charge will ALWAYS be 25$ for pick-up, delivery and troubleshoot.

Our data recovery Techbar Miami center can help you recover your data lost due:

  • Windows message  “You need to format the disk in the drive  before you can use it”
  • Accidental files deletion
  • Unexpected shutdown can lead to data loss
  • Virus infection – when your data was deleted from your partition
  • Formatting your disk without backing up
  • A hard drive is not recognized in BIOS