The Five Most Expensive Computer Repairs

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    Computer and laptop are requirement of today’s world. By giving proper care, you can use these systems of long time without any problem or issue.  Your little mistake or carelessness can cost you several dollars for the computer or laptop repair. Here we will discuss five most expensive repairs of computers that every user of PC should know and try to avoid for their system.

    • LCD Screen Replacement: Screen replacement is one of the most expensive repairs of PC, for a normal and LCD. Any technician can charge you more than 300$ easily for this task. That’s why try to avoid such type of harm for your system. Don’t place your PC at a place from where it could be kicked. Be sure to use your laptop only on stable surface to avoid cracking the screen in a fall.
    • Spilled Beverages: Next most expensive repair of a PC or laptop is spilled beverage. As you know, electronics and water are sworn enemies. A computer that has had liquid spilled on it is quite expensive to repair. Because any technician has to disassemble the complete system and clean all of its internal parts by hand. So, while using laptop or pc avoid the use of all kinds of liquids like coffee, tea, cold drink and even water.
    • Virus Cleanup: A virus can destroy your all important files within a few minutes. The cost of virus harm and cleanup will depend on the situation. Virus cleanup from a fleet of business computers can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars – or more. To avoid such type of problem, install and regularly update antivirus and anti-spyware programs, as well as a firewall.
    • Data Recovery: You may lose important data due to different reasons like a fried motherboard, failed hard drive, natural or man-made disaster, theft, virus and hackers etc. It is also one of the expensive computer repair To recover data of a single computer you can expect to spend at least $3,000 (cost may vary according to situation and service). To avoid such problem and cost regularly backup of all the important data.
    • Overheating: Many people take PC overheating problem normal. But it is not a common problem in all the situations. Like a car, when a computer or laptop overheats, it begins to fail. An overly heated computer cannot work fast, or it may freeze or crash. It some situations, you could end up with melted components or fried circuitry. To avoid this problem, always give your system plenty of room to breathe and don’t block the cooling vents.