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Turn your PC into WIFI – The key word of this post is “Share” and although it is a word that many in practice unknown because here we will instill that computer should be free and open for everyone.

What we do on this occasion is known as network “Ad Hoc”, for the uninitiated is a LAN (local area network) where a working group be created to share internet connection, folders, resources, etc..

Since Windows 7 came out to create an “Ad Hoc” is very simple and practical; especially if we do it from a laptop that already include most of the wireless network card and in the case of a serious desktop PC instalarlarsela necessary.

How do I do?
1. Go to Start Menu> Control Panel

Two. Choose Network and Internet option (if this option does not appear go straight to step 3)

Three . Now click Center Network and Sharing

. 4 The following window will appear and choose the option : Set up a new network connection

5. Then choose the option to connect it: Set up a wireless ad hoc network. [ Next]

6. Waited a few seconds and then the following screen where you specify the name of your network security type and security key displayed. The name can be anything you like, the type of security that I recommend is selected and the key you choose must be at least 8 characters either numbers or letters , and if they want to save the network to activate the box.

7. Already we finally this screen will appear confirming that the network has been created and is ready for use .

Now only remains to go check if our network has enabled inalabrica sharing option , for that we must repeat step 1 , 2 and 3 , being in the screen of step 4 select the option Change adapter settings .

We network adapters appear , we right click on the network connection inalabrica and click on Properties. If we are connected via a network cable then would select the first Local Area Connection .

In the window that appears we select the Sharing tab and activate the first box to share the internet connection to complete and you click [ OK]

and this would basically everything, we’re ready to share your Internet connection and other resources with whom we authorize giving the password and that is not to over 9 meters away from our “PC Wifi ” .

Well here I leave my friends, if you have any questions, suggestions or comments will be welcomed , and if you are interested in sharing with us some topic related to the blog , because here we published giving full credit to the author , because this space is all and for all .