remote IT servicesFew things derail the average working day faster than running into technical difficulties. One issue can lead to a loss of productivity with time wasted waiting to receive on-site support for a customer’s desktop.

However, remote support IT software has advanced in such a way that users can access service anywhere at any time.

Advanced Services for a Technological Age

Every day, companies are seeking IT solutions that are more cost-efficient and reliable. The new software has made on-site-only support a thing of the past.

Now, technicians can provide immediate customer service by mediating your devices from anywhere around the world using secure remote support sessions.

What Does Remote Support Mean

Remote support IT software is a system that allows users to receive IT assistance without actually having an IT professional come to your location.

Businesses can give access to their computers and have them fixed without the engineer being physically present using remote support tools.

How Everyone Can Benefit from Remote IT

Time-Efficient and Cost-Effective

Unattended support allows the IT team to perform fast-response maintenance, update devices, and provide technical support while the customer is away from their computer.

This on-demand solution cut costs by eliminating the need for technicians to travel to visit their clients.

Giving an IT technician remote control over your computer systems will enable the time-saving aspect of the service.

No longer do you have to schedule a time that works for both the technician and your administrators, the troubleshooting can occur without interruption of your schedule.

24/7 Access

Service is available as long as your computers are switched on and the relevant permissions are granted to your managed IT service provider.

You can schedule upgrades and patches for whenever it is most convenient, usually out of standard business hours.


Remote PC access software takes extensive security measures to ensure your computer login information remains private.

Giving permission for professional technicians to use remote computers to access your systems is similar to on-site service: as long as the company you select is reputable, they take the proper steps to ensure protection against outside attacks.


While IT teams have predominantly used remote support software for some time, it is becoming widespread for many other industries, such as medium-sized companies or healthcare practices.  

Remote support software now offers additional HIPAA compliant steps for sensitive patient data in healthcare organizations.

Who Offers the Best Remote IT Support?

Finding the right remote support software can boost the efficiency of your IT department and maintenance teams.

Here are some of the most respected remote support IT software and services currently available, and their stand-out features.


RemotePC is designed with simplicity in mind. Their always-on remote access can be set up once by sharing a unique ID and numerical key, which cuts down verification time.

Unlimited concurrent access, fast installation, and setup, and user-friendly interface make RemotePC a favorite of many IT professionals.

Windows TeamViewer

While TeamViewer is more suitable for large companies, the interface and navigation tools make it highly user-friendly.

TeamViewer has built-in remote computer access program features for unattended access remote support solutions.

One of them is wake-on-LAN, which allows users to access sleeping computers and return them to sleep mode when they are finished.

Other features include file transfer remote capabilities, cross-platform access, secure unattended access, and more. TeamViewer is compatible with Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS.


FixMe.IT assists in sharing clipboard data such as text, images, and other files from one computer to another.

Users can also drag and drop files from remote desktop computers or between client machines.

Desktops FixMe. IT software features include multi-session handling, two-way desktop sharing, and simultaneous access to a maximum of 150 unattended machines.

In general, remote IT services improve the functionality and reliability of a business’s operating system by providing another set of expert eyes on its efficiency and performance.

Let’s face it, your business does not have the time for downtime!

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