Water Damage – Macbook Screen Repair

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MacBook Repairs Offered

*Please Call for Pricing, and Have The Model Number On Hand.
  • MacBook Screen Repairs
  • MacBook Ram Upgrades
  • MacBook Hard Drive Upgrade
  • MacBook Battery Replacement
  • MacBook Backup Drive
  • Reformat of Operating System

MacBook Water Damage Diagnostic

We want to save you money and get your water-damaged device working! *If we can repair your device, the diagnostic fee will go towards the cost of repair.
Most devices must stay 24 – 48 hours in our exclusive drying machine. Once the moisture is removed we will clean the device with our special water-damage solution and replace all broken parts.

Our MacBook Pro Unibody Screen Replacement Covers

  • LCD is bleeding / black ink
  • Dead pixels
  • The screen has colored lines
  • The image is distorted / glass-damaged

Our MacBook Pro Unibody Screen Replacement

When you bring your MacBook Pro Unibody to our store for screen replacement, we check it in, run full diagnostics, and test it beforehand, after diagnostic we will move towards how to fix it, how much it will cost, how long would it take, and ask for your approval; If you approve the repair we will proceed to replace the broken screen, and then test it again to ensure everything works as expected.

Fix Your MacBook Today

Don’t buy a new MacBook just because your screen is cracked or it is slowing down. Our expert 123PCSolutions MacBook repair techs can have your MacBook fixed and back into your hands in as little as 2-3 days. We can upgrade your slow computer to run even better than when you first got it, or replace your broken screen with a brand-new one. All of our MacBook repairs come with our 100-day guarantee.